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So, following up on my post last year, I’ve decided to start taking commissions. If you’ve ever wanted me to draw one of your original characters, an image in your head, or characters from anoth er fandom, now you can have me draw them. I’ll draw many things ranging from SFW to NSFW. (´∀`)♡

Although when it comes to NSFW, as stated above, I’m pretty conservative when it comes to YGODM, haha. I’m in too deep with my ships that I really can’t draw them with other ppl, sorry. BUT I can draw other series’ characters or OCs. ^__^

You can commission me HERE, which is my main commissions page or on my Ko-Fi commissions page.

My main commissions page has a Terms of Service page so it’s best to read it first before you commission me and it has a less confusing arrangement and structure compared to my Ko-Fi commissions page, lol. Ko-fi tends to rearrange my commission choices so it can be quite confusing and messy. The pros of it though is that it’s much more straightforward with payment so it’s a good alternative. 👍

So…yeah, after like five years of just drawing casually in the fandom, I finally opened my first commissions as milliekou LOL. My regret is that I posted a lot of casual work through the years that I don’t have plenty of “polished” samples to choose from. But that’s fine. I’m gonna update and draw more polished stuff in the future.

I can only do seven slots at a time so once they’re full, the rest will be on a waiting list. I’ll contact you and reply if there’s a slot available. 😀

Comics, commissions , etc.


Boy, time flies by so fast and it’s gonna be February in a few days, gah. But no matter, I’m gonna open commissions this Wednesday. (That’s the last and final date) 😊

I’ve just been posting my December stuff on tumblr and Twitter atm because I’m currently working on some comics and preparing commissions so I’m sorry if I may seem inactive. ^^;;

(And I ran out of what to post on social media.I need to do another stockpile of doodles ORZ.)

It doesn’t help I’m going through a rough patch and having some family problems so that’s another heavy load I have to deal with lol.

Gods, I’m so physically and mentally exhausted… /slumps on bed/

It’s been super grey and rainy here recently. _(┐「ε:)_

I wonder if it has contributed a lot to my lethargy and unmotivation these past few days. That, and period pains, lol.

I sometimes wish I never had periods at all. They’re such an inconvenience. Mental fog + physical pain is not a good combo. Even typing this, I’m still in pain from some cramps ORZ.

Ah well. I haven’t drawn as much as I’d hoped for this week because of those and errands I had to attend to irl which were stressful but done, thankfully. (^-^)

I’ll be opening commissions next week (last week of January) . Hopefully, I get to draw some stuff before that, lol.

It just sucks that I don’t have much privacy. I am nearly done with the short tapho (r18) comic but rooming with my sister can be a pain in the ass with her barging in all the time so I have to do the comic in bits and get up wayyy earlier than her so I can draw in peace while she sleeps. (*´-`)

I should wake up at 5:30 am ? lol.

I’ve done some storyboards and thumbnailing for some comic scripts last night and this evening, though. I’m wondering when I can start with the sketching of the TSOU and AUU chapter 7 and 8. It’s so hard to schedule them. Gods, the last time I updated AUU was last week of October 2020, I think?

Two months ago ugh. Need to update fast. (>_>)

Tapho [R+] WIP

Was working on the tapho R18 comic today. It might take a day or two to finish the entire thing despite being a short comic because of the colouring process.

It’s quite time-consuming to make in full colour, lol. I also feel a little bit shy about it, so I’m selling it in my kofi store (behind a paywall) so that only people who are really interested can get it if they want to, and to help make it harder for anyone under age to access. Sorry, gah I’m so embarrassed. (/≧ω\)

That’s AE! Mama Ishtar NOT Ishizu. I draw Ishizu differently with bigger, blue eyes and a smaller face. ^^


It sucks having terrible mood swings and being super down for a few days. It doesn’t help that I also have a bad case of rhinitis, constantly sneezing which probably caused fatigue in my case. ORZ

I’ve been listening to The Sims 1 and 2 soundtrack though and the blast of nostalgia makes me tear up, lol. This Sims 1 Vanilla gameplay video is very relaxing to listen to in the morning. It helps with distracting me from my self-destructive behaviour, too. 😀

I do apologise if I haven’t posted new art. I want to finish the R18 tapho comic but um..honestly, I get so embarrassed gah I don’t know if I should post it or not. >/////<.


I’ve just been unmotivated with drawing these past few days, in general….Probably because of the deep melancholy I’ve been experiencing.


I’ll try to decide if I should finish that comic tomorrow. For now, I need to rest. I’m so tired.


So…This is my new blog~

As you can see, there are no ads which is a feature I paid for because ads are annoying, lol.

But it’s a good start. Nothing is really going to change, content-wise. I’m still going to journal/blog and post drawings like the usual. It’s just nice to start fresh again. I feel much more motivated to draw. 😀

Note: This is a Welcome Blog post for any WordPress follower. Click “Home” on the menu if you want to see the entire blog. ^__^