It’s been super grey and rainy here recently. _(┐「ε:)_

I wonder if it has contributed a lot to my lethargy and unmotivation these past few days. That, and period pains, lol.

I sometimes wish I never had periods at all. They’re such an inconvenience. Mental fog + physical pain is not a good combo. Even typing this, I’m still in pain from some cramps ORZ.

Ah well. I haven’t drawn as much as I’d hoped for this week because of those and errands I had to attend to irl which were stressful but done, thankfully. (^-^)

I’ll be opening commissions next week (last week of January) . Hopefully, I get to draw some stuff before that, lol.

It just sucks that I don’t have much privacy. I am nearly done with the short tapho (r18) comic but rooming with my sister can be a pain in the ass with her barging in all the time so I have to do the comic in bits and get up wayyy earlier than her so I can draw in peace while she sleeps. (*´-`)

I should wake up at 5:30 am ? lol.

I’ve done some storyboards and thumbnailing for some comic scripts last night and this evening, though. I’m wondering when I can start with the sketching of the TSOU and AUU chapter 7 and 8. It’s so hard to schedule them. Gods, the last time I updated AUU was last week of October 2020, I think?

Two months ago ugh. Need to update fast. (>_>)

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