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So, following up on my post last year, I’ve decided to start taking commissions. If you’ve ever wanted me to draw one of your original characters, an image in your head, or characters from anoth er fandom, now you can have me draw them. I’ll draw many things ranging from SFW to NSFW. (´∀`)♡

Although when it comes to NSFW, as stated above, I’m pretty conservative when it comes to YGODM, haha. I’m in too deep with my ships that I really can’t draw them with other ppl, sorry. BUT I can draw other series’ characters or OCs. ^__^

You can commission me HERE, which is my main commissions page or on my Ko-Fi commissions page.

My main commissions page has a Terms of Service page so it’s best to read it first before you commission me and it has a less confusing arrangement and structure compared to my Ko-Fi commissions page, lol. Ko-fi tends to rearrange my commission choices so it can be quite confusing and messy. The pros of it though is that it’s much more straightforward with payment so it’s a good alternative. 👍

So…yeah, after like five years of just drawing casually in the fandom, I finally opened my first commissions as milliekou LOL. My regret is that I posted a lot of casual work through the years that I don’t have plenty of “polished” samples to choose from. But that’s fine. I’m gonna update and draw more polished stuff in the future.

I can only do seven slots at a time so once they’re full, the rest will be on a waiting list. I’ll contact you and reply if there’s a slot available. 😀

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