Pocket! Citron AU – Bathing Scenario- PDF


‘Finally finished this baby yesterday :DDD

I’ve been squeezing in some time with drawing this comic for a few weeks since commissions opened and I’m glad I got it done. I know it’s not something to be that happy about since it’s just 18 pages but it helps being through with this as I can start with other comic projects too. That, and I’m using this comic to…test the waters in Kofi/ kofi shop…If people willing to shop for some fancomics I draw. ^^

Printing a physical copy isn’t exactly feasible. It would be nice to make hard copies of the fancomics I make but I can’t find any good printing shop here and since I live in Asia and the majority of my audience are from the US and Europe, shipping fees would be expensive and inconvenient for them. ORZ

I made this into a PDF format because they are much more friendly and can be opened in almost any program. I tried converting it into an ebook which was the format I wanted initially and I did. The ebook format was nice but the comic wasn’t suited to being flipped like a book. It was more suited to be scrolled at. (or maybe I’m just new to ebook format stuff)

This is only 2.41 USD. I’m not really sure how to price comics in general, lol. But I’ll just start off with that price for this one.

✨🌸 BUY ON KO-FI (2.41 USD) 🌸✨


DIGITAL (PDF) | 18 P | YGODM | Slice of Life / Romance | 19. 02. 2021

Thief King Bakura isn’t particular about where he bathes. As long as the water’s clean, it’ll do. But his recent accomplice, Malik, isn’t so easygoing about it. He takes her to a branch of the river near their base, but she doesn’t share his nudity-casual attitude…

  • Read from Left to Right (L->R)

I hope anyone who buys it likes this one. 😀

And yes, it’s only general nudity. Personally, I don’t think nudity in itself is supposed to be considered NSFW. It’s quite problematic to think human body = sexual. Like, are you gonna say those tribal women and men in Africa and Asia need to be censored because they expose their breasts and other areas? >_>

I think there’s a sfw general nudity and the explicit nsfw sexual kind of nudity. So this is, for me, rated G.

(Ohhh and two of my followers bought it even before me announcing it haha. I’m so flattered ehehehe. Thank youuu rochelleechidna and nintendogal55. (´∀`)♡ 💖💖💖💖💖💖

Today, I’m going to warm up for drawing since I’ll be occupied with commissions and rl obligations this week ORZ.



I think I might be able to post my fifth commission on Friday. I was doing the sketch and linework today and it was quite tricky to get the poses right because of yugioh hair blocking the way, haha.

Hopefully, by tomorrow I can put on the base colours and finish it. I still have rl errands to attend to tomorrow, gahh. But I want to start with the other commissions too. I’ve already thumbnailed all of the remaining ones last Sunday(?). ^^

I’ve also been squeezing some time finishing the Citron comic. I’m already in the colouring stage of the cover image so perhaps a few days before I can sell it on ko-fi, lol.

Hmm…what else?


I was listening to James Hoffman’s videos and browsing the subreddit r/Coffee today just to find some advice. It’s a fairly helpful sub although it seems like I’m a total pleb compared to many of them who have V60 pourover/chemex sets and super expensive Espresso machines and the like, lol. 700-1000USD for all those equipment?!!!! gahhhhh..it’s their choice so good for them. b

I love coffee immensely and it’s tempting to buy those fancy materials but I think I’ll just stick with my basic grinder and trusty French Press for a while ‘mostly because I’m frugal and I can’t see myself spending so much money on coffee making tools, haha.

I know we should try different ways to brew coffee. Maybe someday when I get to have enough savings to buy those tools like saving at least 4x the price of the tool I want to buy, haha. For now though, French Press and Single Origin beans are the only combo I need to brew a quick and nice cup of coffee every morning. ^__^



I made the Valentine’s post private mostly ‘cuz I reread it and I sounded so off, haha. I’ll post something more sensible next time. But it was just about how I’m apathetic to romance personally and that Valentine’s should celebrate all kinds of love esp self love bla bla bla. You know how that goes.


No illust for now since I’m doing some character studies for commission stuff and just doing commissions, in general lol.

(Yugi and yami yugi..’been such a long time since I drew these bebehs. I need to practice drawing their hair lololol. )

This is quite a new feeling for me, being occupied with paid art work…It’s gruelling, yeah but it’s also a pleasant feeling too?

I feel…. good doing commissions because it makes me more confident with my artistic abilities. I still can’t believe that people are willing to pay me to draw for them. >/////<

The downside is that it’ll mean less time to do my comics atm and the need to make the commissioned works look decent and have quality lol. But overall, I’d say it’s a gratifying experience to gain some income from a hobby I used to have a low self esteem on.

It’s late now though so I should stop here. ^__^

Perhaps, I can sneak in a little bit of time to doodle some casual art this week. (I hope)

Goodnight. 🙂

(Also introduced Rin to the K-drama, “My Love from the Star” and got her hooked lol. It’s from 2013 and leans on the destiny trope a lot but it’s a good one overall. it’s on Netflix so..wink wink. ;3 )

Commission 04


‘Still having the dreadful PMS and I got some face spots aka the worst thing to happen during this week. Now I look butt ugly lol.

Ah wells. ORZ

stupid hormones.


I finished a Half Body Base colour (with detailed bg) for PurpleLovatic7 <333

They wanted a drawing of Malik and Ishizu hugging each other~ I hope they like it. 🙂

I’ll have to do some art studies and commission thumbnails/sketches this weekend. I feel so rusty in some areas especially with dynamic poses and colouring. ^^;;



I resumed with doing commissions again today…for a little while ^__^;;>

Unfortunately, after an intense boxing and Muay Thai session yesterday, my body was too sore esp my arms and fingers (even the joints). They were utterly stiff so it was difficult to draw ORZ. Hopefully the stiffness and soreness subside tomorrow so I can be as productive as I can be.

And PMS…goddamnit. I’ve been eating fast food for the past few days. My cravings seem to lean on deep fried, salty food esp. french fries. Heck, I even ate some medium sized fries today, lol.


regrets… (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚

Luckily, I’ve managed to mantain a BMI of 17 (17.1 in Asian BMI standards) despite all the unhealthy stuff I’ve been eating as of now but even then, I need to find some healthier alternatives for..uhhhh….medium to large fries, double cheeseburgers and McNuggets.

(healthy food aren’t that appetising tbh when I’m having PMS. except for Japanese food. Spicy Sashimi salad..yummm…all the sashimi~ ( ̄¬ ̄*))

Even typing them now is making me crave for them and it’s almost midnight, gahhh.


Sorry. I rant a lot about my PMS and period stuff but it does contribute a lot to my ability to do art. I wish it didn’t but eh, severe mood swings, fatigue and terrible cravings… they all contribute to an inefficient day. ORZ


‘Gonna dose up on Cold brew coffee tomorrow and continue with the commissions! ~ ୧༼✿ ͡◕ д ◕͡ ༽୨

Commission 03 – OCs

Full Body / Full Colour / with BG commission for FJ with their OCs, Renjun (L) and Sydney (R) at a diner ^__^

I don’t normally do cel shading but I felt like using that style in this one. It’s fun to experiment with different kinds tbh.

Anyway, gah I couldn’t keep up with a MWFSun schedule. ORZ. Or rather, I can keep up with an MWF one but not including Sunday. 3X a week is enough for posting…I hope.

I’m gonna take a drawing break tomorrow (Tuesday) because I’ve been working on the commissions for the whole weekend and I didn’t get enough time to rest, sadly. So, I’ll use tomorrow as a “relaxation and recharging of my battery” day lol.

I’ll try to draw some commissions after that. 🙂

Bathing Comic WIP

(Had to censor his Ding dong here lol)

This is a preview of a short p citron comic I’ve been working on bit by bit and which I’m gonna sell on my Ko-fi store soon. ^__^

I was thinking of pricing it to only 2 USD so it can be easily accessible to almost everyone. Also, it’s not an NSFW comic dw. It has some general nudity but it isn’t explicit. I’ll save the nsfw comics for next time, lol.

The tapho comic will take longer to finish sadly because I have to find some privacy with the colouring, orz . So, this citron comic would be first to be posted at kofi . 😀

Commission 02

Commission no. 2 for Out-of-Frequency at tumblr~

They wanted a sketch of Ryou looking up to the moon while leaning on the window. I got a bit experimental here but I had fun drawing it. ❤