Commission 03 – OCs

Full Body / Full Colour / with BG commission for FJ with their OCs, Renjun (L) and Sydney (R) at a diner ^__^

I don’t normally do cel shading but I felt like using that style in this one. It’s fun to experiment with different kinds tbh.

Anyway, gah I couldn’t keep up with a MWFSun schedule. ORZ. Or rather, I can keep up with an MWF one but not including Sunday. 3X a week is enough for posting…I hope.

I’m gonna take a drawing break tomorrow (Tuesday) because I’ve been working on the commissions for the whole weekend and I didn’t get enough time to rest, sadly. So, I’ll use tomorrow as a “relaxation and recharging of my battery” day lol.

I’ll try to draw some commissions after that. 🙂

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