I made the Valentine’s post private mostly ‘cuz I reread it and I sounded so off, haha. I’ll post something more sensible next time. But it was just about how I’m apathetic to romance personally and that Valentine’s should celebrate all kinds of love esp self love bla bla bla. You know how that goes.


No illust for now since I’m doing some character studies for commission stuff and just doing commissions, in general lol.

(Yugi and yami yugi..’been such a long time since I drew these bebehs. I need to practice drawing their hair lololol. )

This is quite a new feeling for me, being occupied with paid art work…It’s gruelling, yeah but it’s also a pleasant feeling too?

I feel…. good doing commissions because it makes me more confident with my artistic abilities. I still can’t believe that people are willing to pay me to draw for them. >/////<

The downside is that it’ll mean less time to do my comics atm and the need to make the commissioned works look decent and have quality lol. But overall, I’d say it’s a gratifying experience to gain some income from a hobby I used to have a low self esteem on.

It’s late now though so I should stop here. ^__^

Perhaps, I can sneak in a little bit of time to doodle some casual art this week. (I hope)

Goodnight. 🙂

(Also introduced Rin to the K-drama, “My Love from the Star” and got her hooked lol. It’s from 2013 and leans on the destiny trope a lot but it’s a good one overall. it’s on Netflix so..wink wink. ;3 )

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