I think I might be able to post my fifth commission on Friday. I was doing the sketch and linework today and it was quite tricky to get the poses right because of yugioh hair blocking the way, haha.

Hopefully, by tomorrow I can put on the base colours and finish it. I still have rl errands to attend to tomorrow, gahh. But I want to start with the other commissions too. I’ve already thumbnailed all of the remaining ones last Sunday(?). ^^

I’ve also been squeezing some time finishing the Citron comic. I’m already in the colouring stage of the cover image so perhaps a few days before I can sell it on ko-fi, lol.

Hmm…what else?


I was listening to James Hoffman’s videos and browsing the subreddit r/Coffee today just to find some advice. It’s a fairly helpful sub although it seems like I’m a total pleb compared to many of them who have V60 pourover/chemex sets and super expensive Espresso machines and the like, lol. 700-1000USD for all those equipment?!!!! gahhhhh..it’s their choice so good for them. b

I love coffee immensely and it’s tempting to buy those fancy materials but I think I’ll just stick with my basic grinder and trusty French Press for a while ‘mostly because I’m frugal and I can’t see myself spending so much money on coffee making tools, haha.

I know we should try different ways to brew coffee. Maybe someday when I get to have enough savings to buy those tools like saving at least 4x the price of the tool I want to buy, haha. For now though, French Press and Single Origin beans are the only combo I need to brew a quick and nice cup of coffee every morning. ^__^

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