I haven’t been able to draw for this week due to being super busy irl ORZ… Sorry about that. I’ll get to everything next week. it’s been a super stressful one for me.


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It's easy to be nice when you're rich... – Lee Ji-an (My Ahjussi/ My Mister)

I’m currently watching this beautiful K-drama called, “My Mister/ My Ahjussi” on Netflix and I really love it <333 I recommend it to people who are struggling, depressed and want to watch something relatable and healing. ^_^

It starts slow, though. It’s heavy on setup for the first two / three episodes so quite boring but gets good as the episodes go on. I like K-dramas but all too often they seem to focus on rich people and opulence too much that it just gets…err….unrelatable? haha. Personally, I don’t think its good to always focus on those since it shows a very materialistic worldview.

I get it that there’s a lot a character can do if they can afford almost anything but it can be limited also because the answer is always “Why didn’t they just buy ____?”

I want to see more common, middle, low working class people in the drama And no, not those “poor” protagonists who are poor apparently but can afford the latest Samsung phone and wear so many fancy looking clothes LOL. (srsly) and this series was recommended to me and I did the same to Rin and my dad and they seem to like it. It’s nice and comforting seeing just simple people going by and struggling in their lives and not people in power, with good looks and lotsa money and other opulent shit like that. It gets tiring.

Also IU plays Lee Ji-an (FL) soooooo..yeah, it cool. heh. <333

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And tried to design TKB’s mum. she looks so off and wonky and what even is bandana physics? >_>

I have more comic ideas for TKB’s childhood with his mum and I want to draw them so bad but I need to find time for it ORZ

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  1. That’s really pretty! I love it! Sorry about my inactivity on your blog, I’ve been really busy and I’ve gotten really interested in an anime called My Hero Academia, I’ve been watching it in my freetime.

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