Maaaann, I’ve been posting mostly commissions here for the past month which isn’t bad exactly because I’m currently finishing commissions but I terribly miss rambling and writing self-reflections here. It feels like this blog is just filled with pictures and no words, lol.

I need to find some time to draw AUU chapter 7 and other personal drawings/projects (which are A LOT lol).

I feel sad that I’m taking long with stuff. Like, the last time I uploaded an AUU chapter was last October and I get worried about the readers. They probably think I’m a slowpoke and ditch the fic, gah. I hope not.

(I miss my deathshipping babies so FRIGGIN’ MUCH (ಥ_ʖಥ) .I want to draw Ryou and Mariku again huhuhu…..)

Not to mention I’ll be pretty busy irl tomorrow and on some weeks in April ORZ.


I have nothing much to say for today tbh. I’m super tired. (so much for missing on writing things lol) Maybe it’s fatigue catching up to me. (:::з」∠)

But I’ll try to draw more non-commission related stuff and write about nonsense like the usual next time if I can.


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