HIATUS until May 9


I’m still alive lol.

I thought I should give a small update on what’s been happening. I’ve been very busy for the last month with commissions, and with important uni stuff, and covid worries. (cough/my dad has been diagnosed with covid after his second vaccine shot so I’m extremely stressed out ///cough)

I’m really sorry if ever, for the inconvenience. ORZ

It’s been such a stressful month for me and I need to take a break at least from online stuff which can be toxic to my mental health atm. (who am I kidding, I’ve been idle here for quite some time lol)

It doesn’t mean that I won’t be finishing the commissions. I will be finishing the remaining ones during the hiatus, but for now, I have to take a back seat in terms of internet usage and other stuff for four or five weeks. I’ll be swamped with deadlines for the next two weeks the remaining three are for finishing certain errands).

I’m still here, though, and hoping to come back after the 9th of May. I have a lot of things I want to draw when I have time the usual ygo doodles, AUU chapter, and other short comics, asian drama fanart, etc)

I’m really sorry again. I wish things were better so I could be more productive with my art but as of now, it’s been such a chaotic mess. ^^;;

I’ll see you guys soon. ❤



Sorry if I haven’t updated this blog in a week or so. I’ve been busy finishing some commissions, gah.

Here are WIPs of some of them. 🙂

I don’t have that many things to say for now aside from needing to finish commissions and that there are areas in drawing and colouring where I need to learn more and improve on. ^^

Oh, although I’ve seen some people trying to gain access to my erotica blog. I still haven’t filled the blog with enough lemony stuff there, unfortunately. (sorry //ORZZZZ//) I need at least ten posts (art) to open it to my followers and i only have like three posts there so it doesn’t feel like a “real” blog for me…YET.

(I have my silly quotas, pardon. )

I’ll make a public post here and on tumblr and twitter if I reached that quota to allow people to see it,dw. But for now, it’s still private and inactive due to commissions.

oh boy, I can’t wait to resume personal projects and artworks after. ;’D