Sorry if I haven’t updated this blog in a week or so. I’ve been busy finishing some commissions, gah.

Here are WIPs of some of them. 🙂

I don’t have that many things to say for now aside from needing to finish commissions and that there are areas in drawing and colouring where I need to learn more and improve on. ^^

Oh, although I’ve seen some people trying to gain access to my erotica blog. I still haven’t filled the blog with enough lemony stuff there, unfortunately. (sorry //ORZZZZ//) I need at least ten posts (art) to open it to my followers and i only have like three posts there so it doesn’t feel like a “real” blog for me…YET.

(I have my silly quotas, pardon. )

I’ll make a public post here and on tumblr and twitter if I reached that quota to allow people to see it,dw. But for now, it’s still private and inactive due to commissions.

oh boy, I can’t wait to resume personal projects and artworks after. ;’D

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