Bonus chibi for Tsumi ^__^~

Thank you for your patience ❤


Maaan, I don’t think I can take the scorching heat (46 degrees celsius heat index) lol. I’ll probably have to draw stuff while naked just to feel cool (pardon for that gross image that just conjured up in your mind) and have enough energy to finish a drawing.

Just kidding.

I’m currently super hungry at the moment. It’s late at night and I know it’s bad to eat during this time, but these hunger pangs won’t go away and might keep me awake.

I’m craving for McDonald’s…BTS McDonald’s.


PMS is a bitch. It’s like I have a black hole in my stomach that constantly needs unhealthy and greasy food, gah. I’m never full, ugh.

I’m reminded of my sister asking me this afternoon why women live longer than men. And the answer is obviously toxic masculinity but even I wonder how we live longer statistically when there’s a period where we crave and eat so much junk every month generally, lol.

hmmm..maybe I can get some Mcdonald’s tomorrow ? >////<

I just need to exercise a lot right after. ORZ

Memento Mori

It was fun exchanging art and comic ideas with Rin today and I told her I wanted to draw them but I get anxious if people will hate it and deem it as “bad.”

The typical social media anxiety stuff, lol.

And I remember a quote in Austin Kleon’s book, “Keep Going.” (I highly recommend reading all three books of the series including Steal Like an Artist and Show your Work if you haven’t read them yet. ^^)

I’m reminded of how short life is. Like today, I received the news that a long time neighbour of mine was diagnosed with cancer after just dealing with COVID. This news brought shivers down my spine because…cancer. It prompted me to think of my own mortality.

(CW: death, depression, suicide)

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thumbnail? maybe?

A spur of the moment sketch based on some citron comic idea.

It’s more of a thumbnail sketch for a cover of some comic if ever.

I need to do more sketching.

Malik looks pretty off here lol but whatevs. I’ll just practice more I guess.

Commission 14

I finally finished Tsumiツミ’s commission ❤

They wanted a 1080 px x 1920 px art of their OC in a mellow, relaxing atmosphere with a pinch of melancholy.

I wanted the scenery to reflect the song, 風を食む- ヨルシカ [ Eat the Wind by Yorishuka ]:

Commission WIP


Last weekend was very stressful and depressing ORZ.

My dog got into some accident which left a nasty injury so I was unable to focus for the past two to three days. I ended up monitoring her since Saturday checking up on her status and if she eats and acts normally which has been wearing me down.

It’s also weird because despite that fatigue, I end up having trouble sleeping due to paranoia, “what ifs..” catastrophic thinking and negative thoughts.


I’ve been working on remaining commissions and here’s a WIP shot of one of them.

It’s still in it’s rough stage hence those sketchy textured strokes but I hope I can finish this by the end of this week. 😀

It’s been oppressively hot lately too (36 degrees celsius but 49 degrees as the heat index, ugh. ) so I think I’ll have to change my schedule with drawing. I might have to work in the mornings and before I sleep which is unfortunate because I am more productive in the noon when it comes to drawing so this forced adjustment is quite disconcerting but it’s something I need to adjust to to finish drawings.

I really really tried drawing in the afternoon yesterday and I had to stop because the fan couldn’t cope with the extreme heat and humidity. It was so bad that I had difficulty breathing and I was sweating all over. It felt like I was being baked in the oven.

It sucks when you’re in a place that is super vulnerable to climate change, sigh. I just wanna chill myself inside the refrigerator lol.

coloured old sketches


I’ve been working on the remaining commissions and I wanted to experiment on colouring, specifically, soft colouring as my style has already been leaning on to very saturated and warm colours. It isn’t bad of course, it’s nice that I’ve gotten more familiar with that kind of colouring style but I’ve missed using soft colours and textures.^^;;

The idea of scanning my old sketches and digitally colouring it came when I was searching for my thumbnails for this citron comic strip I plan to draw soon. I tend to use paper pads (A5) for that and I found a little stack of papers filled with old concept art, house plans and some sketches in my drawer. Since they weren’t exactly “instagrammable,” or aesthetically pleasing sketches (for me, lol), I thought of doing the good ol’ tradition of scanning and inking/ painting over the scanned drawing.

//has a flashback when ipad pros and affordable screen/ monitor tablets weren’t a thing yet and digital artists who didn’t like the hand-eye coordination of a pen tablet due to the initial, awkward, unnaturalness in drawing had to resort to scanning their trad work, tracing over and painting them digitally instead. because a cintiq was too fucking expensive and only pros and rich ppl could afford it at that time and even now./// ahhh…why do I miss those dark times? Am I envious at the younger generation of artists having to not resort to that and having a convenient ipad pro and the wide availability of cheaper monitor tablets while I struggled with having to get used to digitizer tablets back then? shutyourmillennial/genZ mouth millie./////

I must be getting old. fuck. >_>

Yeah, I know, my attempt at foreshortening on Green’s (Pokemon Kanto) left arm here sucks ass, lol. (How did I manage to overlook this big mistake while drawing it?)

I didn’t bother changing that in the “retouched” work unfortunately. I wanted to mainly experiment on colouring rather than anatomy today so I just traced over that and coloured it. Maybe I could redraw the entire thing some time.

And right next to Green is White Wizard (Monster World) Ryou. I used a Pilot Eno light blue pencil and a prismacolour col erase blue pencil with that sketch. This was actually traced over for a trad watercolour drawing last year but since I was such a novice with watercolours at that time (until now actually lol), I failed in a sense that the colours were dull and I forgot to dry them so different paint colours leaked to various areas of the picture.

I may have gotten carried away with colouring. I told myself, just a simple base soft colour sketch look, no need to polish it and add details but I eventually made it…fairly detailed. Not super detailed but pretty detailed. I need to stop doing that, really.

Perhaps it’s me compensating for the fact that I barely made any “decent” or “detailed” illustrations for the past five years before I dabbled into commissions. Most of my art were ygo sketch doodles or messy paintings and it’s a regret of mine because when I was in the process of opening commissions, it was very difficult finding a “polished” and good looking illustration to show to clients. So now, I’m making more detailed or slightly polished works so that I can attract more clients in case I’m gonna open commissions again. At least, be able to show them what I’m capable of.


(:3 」∠)

I shouldn’t beat myself up for that, though. I only started getting serious with gaining some lil’ income through commissions or donations last year and the previous years were just me doing whatever, whenever and just…going wherever the wind takes me, yknow? (Couple that with my self-sabotaging behaviour before too.I was a friggin’ mess holy shit, lol. )

TLDR: ‘Experimented with colours from some old sketches and I need to do more simplistic and low level works. Not everything that I draw has to be ~pretty~, and polished. Unfinished ones can be appealing too imho.

Commission 13: Kunzite x Zoisite (Sailor Moon anime)


I got burnt out from the rl stuff that happened last Friday gah, but I was able to finish this commission. 😀

This one is a retro 90s Kunzite x Zoisite (from Sailor Moon anime) drawing for whereyoursoulresides~ (Thank you very much for your commission, dear! <333)

Bonus chibi sketch^

I wanted to the illustration to give some retro/90s vibes since they’re meant to be in that setting and it was slightly difficult for me at first because from what I’ve seen with the 90s, the core of its aesthetics has to do with being maximalist and I tend to be minimalist when it comes to art stuff in general, lol. It was fun drawing and colouring Kunzite and Zoisite though. :3

I have nothing good to show atm


I have one heavy task to finish tomorrow so I didn’t have that much time for illustrations this week. Though after I finish that errand tomorrow, I think I’ll be able to have the usual time for drawing stuff and finishing commissions.

As the title says I have nothing of substance to post, lol. But I’ve been doing storyboards for comic ideas during my short breaks in rl so it’s all good…I guess.

Well, here’s one storyboard preview of an upcoming short comic. It’s mirror! Puppyshipping ❤️❤️❤️ (I’m totally gonna make more comics strips of the ship rin made me fall in love with lol.)

Pardon if it ain’t “pretty-looking” lol. Tbh this photo is meant for Rin’s eyes only so I didn’t really bother with the lighting or the angle of the photo.

Welp. That’s one snapshot on how I make storyboards for comics. I plan on showing (documenting) more of my process in making weird comics here after I finish some of these projects.

(I promise I won’t end up forgetting that like last time, gah. )

But for now, I need to sleep and get prepared for tomorrow, ORZZZ. I wanna draw and make comics soooo bad. o

ONE last day of suffering before I can have time for these.

Commission 12: Princess Serenity

Reposting this commission for Yugimuffinn again for a clearer look and because commissions need its own separate post. ^__^

I learned a lot about rendering during the making of this illustration~ ❤

(I also realised that for big and detailed illustrations, I need to slice them up like this so people can see the details close-up. ‘Will be doing this for future ones. )


Back from my hiatus. Eyo!

Where do I even begin?

April was quite a shitshow, lol.

Dad tested positive for COVID weeks ago and it was such a stressful time for me and my family especially when the variants were already proving themselves to be deadly. My sister mentioned that so many of her friends’ dads and relatives have died from COVID. Every single time she refreshed her facebook feed, it was always some RIP tribute, which was alarming and depressing.

It was very difficult to focus irl when your own parent is hospitalised with COVID after taking their second vaccine shot. I remember I was about to draw something, a little chibi of me being tired for the hiatus post when my sister came in the room and told me that dad tested positive for COVID. (so yeah, the reason why I don’t have any drawing for my hiatus post is because i couldn’t draw after I was given the news.)

Dad is a very cautious person though (being a doctor himself) so when he felt the slightest bit of symptoms, he immediately isolated himself in his study. It took a few days before he had himself tested and it came out positive. Because at that time, we all thought it was a side effect of the vaccine and he’ll get better eventually. (My other sister who is a doctor did monitor him continuously). He confined himself in the hospital he worked at after learning of his diagnosis which thankfully, the hospital managed to treat him ASAP. He had severe pneumonia all this time. He got his x ray at the day of his confinement and his doctor said that it was good he confined himself asap or it could have gone fatal. Also, he probably got the virus before he got vaccinated so it’s not the vaccine’s fault.

My entire family was tested for COVID the day after dad went in the hospital and it was a miracle that all of us tested negative. But even then, we all had to quarantine ourselves for two weeks (basically not stepping out of the house AT ALL).

Fortunately, dad recovered, though it took a week or two before he got his normal taste buds back so during that period, he lost a significant amount of weight. He couldn’t eat anything at all. Everything was “too salty” for him. It was shocking at first seeing him pale and thin when he went out of the room where he isolated himself in.

but now he eats like a pig, which means he’s gone back to normal, lol.

TLDR; April was utterly nerve-wracking because my dad was positive for covid.


I managed to finish a commission for Yugimuffinn at that time. Though I was already in the finishing touches of this illustration when I received the news. I couldn’t draw or do much for the first week or so when my dad was in the hospital ORZ.


They wanted a Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon. <333

Thank you for the commission!

WELP. Back to normal business; I will resume with drawing and finishing the remaining commissions I have,

AND blogging; y’know, talking and posting random shit like the usual, lol.