I have nothing good to show atm


I have one heavy task to finish tomorrow so I didn’t have that much time for illustrations this week. Though after I finish that errand tomorrow, I think I’ll be able to have the usual time for drawing stuff and finishing commissions.

As the title says I have nothing of substance to post, lol. But I’ve been doing storyboards for comic ideas during my short breaks in rl so it’s all good…I guess.

Well, here’s one storyboard preview of an upcoming short comic. It’s mirror! Puppyshipping ❤️❤️❤️ (I’m totally gonna make more comics strips of the ship rin made me fall in love with lol.)

Pardon if it ain’t “pretty-looking” lol. Tbh this photo is meant for Rin’s eyes only so I didn’t really bother with the lighting or the angle of the photo.

Welp. That’s one snapshot on how I make storyboards for comics. I plan on showing (documenting) more of my process in making weird comics here after I finish some of these projects.

(I promise I won’t end up forgetting that like last time, gah. )

But for now, I need to sleep and get prepared for tomorrow, ORZZZ. I wanna draw and make comics soooo bad. o

ONE last day of suffering before I can have time for these.

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