Commission 13: Kunzite x Zoisite (Sailor Moon anime)


I got burnt out from the rl stuff that happened last Friday gah, but I was able to finish this commission. 😀

This one is a retro 90s Kunzite x Zoisite (from Sailor Moon anime) drawing for whereyoursoulresides~ (Thank you very much for your commission, dear! <333)

Bonus chibi sketch^

I wanted to the illustration to give some retro/90s vibes since they’re meant to be in that setting and it was slightly difficult for me at first because from what I’ve seen with the 90s, the core of its aesthetics has to do with being maximalist and I tend to be minimalist when it comes to art stuff in general, lol. It was fun drawing and colouring Kunzite and Zoisite though. :3

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