Commission WIP


Last weekend was very stressful and depressing ORZ.

My dog got into some accident which left a nasty injury so I was unable to focus for the past two to three days. I ended up monitoring her since Saturday checking up on her status and if she eats and acts normally which has been wearing me down.

It’s also weird because despite that fatigue, I end up having trouble sleeping due to paranoia, “what ifs..” catastrophic thinking and negative thoughts.


I’ve been working on remaining commissions and here’s a WIP shot of one of them.

It’s still in it’s rough stage hence those sketchy textured strokes but I hope I can finish this by the end of this week. 😀

It’s been oppressively hot lately too (36 degrees celsius but 49 degrees as the heat index, ugh. ) so I think I’ll have to change my schedule with drawing. I might have to work in the mornings and before I sleep which is unfortunate because I am more productive in the noon when it comes to drawing so this forced adjustment is quite disconcerting but it’s something I need to adjust to to finish drawings.

I really really tried drawing in the afternoon yesterday and I had to stop because the fan couldn’t cope with the extreme heat and humidity. It was so bad that I had difficulty breathing and I was sweating all over. It felt like I was being baked in the oven.

It sucks when you’re in a place that is super vulnerable to climate change, sigh. I just wanna chill myself inside the refrigerator lol.