Memento Mori

It was fun exchanging art and comic ideas with Rin today and I told her I wanted to draw them but I get anxious if people will hate it and deem it as “bad.”

The typical social media anxiety stuff, lol.

And I remember a quote in Austin Kleon’s book, “Keep Going.” (I highly recommend reading all three books of the series including Steal Like an Artist and Show your Work if you haven’t read them yet. ^^)

I’m reminded of how short life is. Like today, I received the news that a long time neighbour of mine was diagnosed with cancer after just dealing with COVID. This news brought shivers down my spine because…cancer. It prompted me to think of my own mortality.

(CW: death, depression, suicide)

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thumbnail? maybe?

A spur of the moment sketch based on some citron comic idea.

It’s more of a thumbnail sketch for a cover of some comic if ever.

I need to do more sketching.

Malik looks pretty off here lol but whatevs. I’ll just practice more I guess.

Commission 14

I finally finished Tsumiツミ’s commission ❤

They wanted a 1080 px x 1920 px art of their OC in a mellow, relaxing atmosphere with a pinch of melancholy.

I wanted the scenery to reflect the song, 風を食む- ヨルシカ [ Eat the Wind by Yorishuka ]: