Bonus chibi for Tsumi ^__^~

Thank you for your patience ❤


Maaan, I don’t think I can take the scorching heat (46 degrees celsius heat index) lol. I’ll probably have to draw stuff while naked just to feel cool (pardon for that gross image that just conjured up in your mind) and have enough energy to finish a drawing.

Just kidding.

I’m currently super hungry at the moment. It’s late at night and I know it’s bad to eat during this time, but these hunger pangs won’t go away and might keep me awake.

I’m craving for McDonald’s…BTS McDonald’s.


PMS is a bitch. It’s like I have a black hole in my stomach that constantly needs unhealthy and greasy food, gah. I’m never full, ugh.

I’m reminded of my sister asking me this afternoon why women live longer than men. And the answer is obviously toxic masculinity but even I wonder how we live longer statistically when there’s a period where we crave and eat so much junk every month generally, lol.

hmmm..maybe I can get some Mcdonald’s tomorrow ? >////<

I just need to exercise a lot right after. ORZ

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