mirror pup 1

This was supposed to be posted in a series of doodles/art dump thing for mirror pupship but I’ll post the rest next time. I’m not really fond of this since the colouring looked…too bright and cartoony.

hmm..needs more texture.

Ah well. ‘Gonna experiment more.

In other news, I’ve been listening/watching King of the Hill stuff on youtube as I work on drawings and commissions.

It’s like a Slice of Life “feel good” series that takes place in Texas. There’s something so charming and nostalgic about the art style and the characters’ personalities. I’ve never been to the South of the US so I’m not sure if their portrayal of southerners are accurate. The characters are mostly right-wing-ish / conservative (Texas is still a majority Republican state from what I’ve googled just now) so it probably is accurate but the series’ humour is good, nonetheless.

sado- ramblings

I’m out of the loop with anime stuff which is fine. I like being at my own pace but Rin showed me this anime series called, “Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro” (Ijirinaide, Nagatoro-san) a week ago and my first reaction to the screenshot she showed me was, “Wtf is with all these smugtm looking anime girls?!”

I swear to Ra, it’s like a virus, lol. I’ve been seeing those faces so often I wonder if that’s the new trendy thing like how moe yanderes became big and trendy in the 2000s/early 2010s (I’m not sure but I distinctly remember the plethora of yandere anime girl series that cropped up during those years. )

Anyway, I was curious. I thought of watching an episode of it. Like, maybe it’s better than Uzaki chan and I’m judging too much.


First episode and I was already disturbed. The animation was good and it was refreshing seeing a darker skinned Japanese girl but I don’t understand the appeal of the series at all. She taunts and bullies the MC until he cries and I’m supposed to root for them as a couple?


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I received some hate mail from a very entitled anonymous pissbaby yesterday accusing me of genderbending characters as a fetish and having internalised homophobia from M/F ships I’ve done. I responded with:

If you believe the only reason to genderbend a character is for a fetish, you’re either incredibly foolish or incredibly ignorant. Creative fandom is about imagination; thinking about relationships that didn’t happen in canon, or happened in different ways; how characters might be different if they’d made different choices, or come from a different background. Genderbending is just one of the ways we can reimagine characters, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. If you have time to waste on this, you should have time enough to see all the M/M art in my archive.

Basically, if you don’t like it, don’t look at it. You’re welcome to draw and write your own versions. I’m going to keep drawing them as I like, whether it’s M/M or M/F.

Peace out.

It’s strange how they accused me of doing genderbending as a fetish even though this fem ryou for example spiralled out mostly with talking about it with Rin like sexism in the tabletop rpg industry and if we made Ryou female, she’d have a difficult time in that area. Same with Malik too. I won’t lie, a female Malik is more fun to draw than male Malik (design wise) but it’s not a fetish.

If it was, I’d have constantly drawn very sleazy art of them just like in those seinen anime/manga with triple D boobs and always having those voyeuristic shots in my art. But I don’t.

All these genderbend stuff wasn’t created because it was a kink/fetish but because we wanted to explore how things would be like with them being affected by society, patriarchy, sexism and other issues.

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wips again


I’ve been occupied with finishing commissions and another chibi comic strip. I hope I can finish all of them this week though. I know my output has decreased quite a bit with just one post or two uploaded in a week but I’m trying to make my posts more frequent next week.

I overthink and get worried over the dumbest of things and this has been a hindrance to me for a year, sigh.

Perfectionism and extreme self awareness is paralysing. I need to learn to let go of this mentality.

Anyway, with that said,

here are the WIP shots of the stuff I’m working at as of the moment. 😀



I apologise if my last post was dreary. ^^;;>

I suffer from depression and anxiety and last week was just marked with terrible episodes where I felt awfully numb and cold to life. ‘Just wondering what my existence means and if people would care, lol.

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baby sling


I was suffering from a very depressive episode for a few days so..I feel a bit off with resuming things today. I’m sorry about that.

I drew tkb’s mum with baby tkb in her sling. Lots of anatomy mistakes (due to some rust it seems) but fuck it. I’ll correct them someday, I guess.

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Commission 15

Geminishipping: Among the Ruins of Kul Elna

for the lovely Rochelle-Echidna 💖! Thank you for your commission and your constant support! 😭

This was quite challenging and time consuming for me since I barely do backgrounds and landscapes but I learned a bit more on textures and giving shape to mountainous and rocky cliffs while painting this piece.

Commission WIP

I’m not yet done with some details, shadows, lighting and rendering (plus polishing) yet but I’ll try to finish this commission as soon as possible.

I had a very rough depressive episode today so I was unable to be as productive as I wanted to. Sorry. ORZ

And yes, I love playing with the image compare block of wordpress lol. (it suits the theme of this commission well.)

COMIC: CITRON AE (AU) – The Rat Race

Finally done with this chibi comic strip. ^__^ (thanks Rin for all the help and support <3)


This idea was inspired from how people especially in my generation struggle with the “rat race” of life. Basically, achieving almost everything (house and lot, a married life with a child/children, 9-5 job, financial stability) early, most likely in your twenties or in your early thirties under a competitive routine and environment. /cough/30under30lists/cough/

I was wondering how it was like back in the Ancient Egyptian times and from what I’ve researched, girls were married as young as thirteen years old while boys were married at an average age between 16 to 20 years old.

I exaggerated the “ideal age” here as this was mostly a gag. And maybe Mr. Ishtar’s generation (AE boomers) had the Ancient Egyptian Dream earlier than 16 years old.

Anyway, I don’t want to overexplain myself on this comic, lol. I’m super fatigued that I’ve been having difficulty with finding the right words to say. My brain is deep fried right now but ya get the point. You don’t have to follow society’s life script and be pressured into doing and buying shit because others are. That’ll just lead to a life of regret and resentment especially if you just did it to catch up with the Joneses and not being patient and in tune with yourself and what you really want in life. And that’s something I try to tell myself everyday when I feel insecure about where I am in life, lol.

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” – Henry David Thoreau

TLDR; I need some sleep.