I recently got my first shot of covid vaccine so I’ve been feeling quite groggy, ORZ.

Gods, it sucked waiting in line for so long, about almost the entire day in the line without coffee (according to my doc sister, I couldn’t drink coffee before I take my vaccine shot or my blood pressure might spike). I was having symptoms of caffeine withdrawal, I thought my head was gonna explode and it made me quite light headed and unable to focus.

But, I should be thankful that I got a vaccine and hopefully, everyone in the world, rich or poor, gets immediate access to them.

Seeing shops having very big sales like 70% off and all around the vaccination area, it reminded me of small businesses that closed down due to the pandemic particularly those businesses / family-owned businesses I grew up with and made good memories with , gahh. It’s depressing thinking about them closing down, ORZ.

I wish that when the pandemic ends completely, they will be able to reopen.

Anyway, I hope the side effects subside soon. I’ve been beating myself up for being super slow lately. I checked my output from March to May and it was a huge plummet. Of course, real life (COVID, etc.) issues got in the way, hence, a hiatus but I just can’t help feeling guilty for getting those issues. (Like, why’d it have to be when I opened commissions? )

Not to mention I’ve also been oversleeping for weeks. I really have to fix all these.


that’s enough sulking for today, lol. I’ll do my best to recover from that slump. ^^;;

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