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I’m out of the loop with anime stuff which is fine. I like being at my own pace but Rin showed me this anime series called, “Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro” (Ijirinaide, Nagatoro-san) a week ago and my first reaction to the screenshot she showed me was, “Wtf is with all these smugtm looking anime girls?!”

I swear to Ra, it’s like a virus, lol. I’ve been seeing those faces so often I wonder if that’s the new trendy thing like how moe yanderes became big and trendy in the 2000s/early 2010s (I’m not sure but I distinctly remember the plethora of yandere anime girl series that cropped up during those years. )

Anyway, I was curious. I thought of watching an episode of it. Like, maybe it’s better than Uzaki chan and I’m judging too much.


First episode and I was already disturbed. The animation was good and it was refreshing seeing a darker skinned Japanese girl but I don’t understand the appeal of the series at all. She taunts and bullies the MC until he cries and I’m supposed to root for them as a couple?


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