Watercolour Sketch: Panda


I’ve recently got my second vaccine shot so I’ve been groggy for the past day, ORZ. ‘Couple that with the new antidepressants I was prescribed for.

The other night, I was fixing my messy room and as I was arranging the art tools on the shelves beside my desk, it dawned on me that I haven’t done any traditional work for almost a year. So yesterday I thought of doing some traditional “warm up” doodle since it was the weekend and I wanted to do something relaxing.

I wanted to paint something easy and light so I opted for monochromatic (greyscale) painting using a small dropper bottle of black indian ink.

The problem with making watercolour art is the set-up, lol. It’s so time-consuming and troublesome with having to reach for your brushes, palette, paper towel, paints and jars. Compare that to digital art with just opening a program on your computer and plugging in your tablet to draw.

I did some panda studies, referencing google images of them. I should put my degree to good use and practice drawing and painting animals because I friggin’ suck at them, haha.

Reminder to self: Remember to draw at a good angle so the artwork won’t be deformed when you look at it in full view, gah. I always keep forgetting that.

So in the picture of the palette above, it’s just all about dilution in each well of the palette. The more water you add to the indian ink, the lighter the wash is. It’s not obvious because of it’s black colour but each well has a different amount of water added to it.

More water = lighter colour; Less water = darker colour.

Tools used:

  • Holbein Saunders Waterford White Watercolour Paper (F2 size)
  • Dr. Ph Martin’s Black Star Waterproof Indian Ink (MATTE)
  • Sakura Gelly Roll (white)
  • Tombow Monograph one 0.5 Mechanical pencil – HB

I really recommend Dr. Ph Martin’s Black Star Matte Indian ink though because of its versatility and nice finish. I plan on using it for future traditional monochromatic (b/w) art or comics. 😀