Commission WIP

I had two disturbing nightmares last night. The first one was the most disturbing as it involved someone I knew at uni who was…quite a creep(quite stalker-ish) towards me. I don’t want to go into detail with the nightmare I had last night because of how disgusting it was but to sum it up, this creep in that dream was 10x more of a pig than he was irl.

I know it sounds petty perhaps to some I guess but have you ever had a nightmare so unsettling it sticks with you throughout the entire day? Your day is ruined all because of a nightmare.

I know it’s just a dream and not something real but his face and his “threats” kept appearing in my thoughts that they caused me to have so much anxiety and paranoia throughout the day. It was terribly difficult to focus.

Sigh.. the blame of course goes to myself, gah. Recently, I’ve been listening/watching to so many true crime documentaries while drawing and doing other tasks that it probably seeped its way into my dreams.

‘Guess I’ll have to listen/watch more wholesome stuff atm.

Anywho, here is a WIP of another commission I’ve been working on. 😀

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