diary doodle: practice /comm attempt


I missed a diary entry in my hobonichi so I did some attempt at doodling chars for a commission. I wanted to practice drawing them and this..kinda happened.

I have some difficulty with their robes so I thought of attempting to practice drawing them first before finally doing the commission and above is…more or less a…satisfactory result? I still have to get a good grasp on their hairstyle and facial features. They look so wonky here.

I had fun with drawing and colouring them even though I’m not familiar with the series or characters, lol.

I was binge watching King of the Hill eps while drawing.

They are Hua Cheng and Xie Lian, respectively from Heaven Official’s Blessing / Tian Guan Ci Fu.

And yes, I apologise for the name mistakes on the doodle, ORZ.

Lately, I’ve been doing more traditional stuff, watercolouring on my journal entries in my Hobonichi notebook. It’s been helping me cope with life struggles lately.

I strongly recommend a Hobonichi planner /notebook to anyone who wants to journal, though. I know it’s expensive, 50-100 USD but it’s so worth it. It took me 3 years to bite the bullet and purchase my first ever one for this year, lol. I’ve always wanted to have one but my frugal ass hesitated buying a planner of that friggin price.

It’s reasonable I guess(?) for being in that price range as their paper is Tomoe River paper which is well known in the stationery and fountain pen world as one of the highest quality papers out there that can withstand any fountain pen ink and even watercolours despite its bible paper thinness. (and no bleedthrough!)

But I ain’t getting any younger and I thought that journaling esp during the pandemic could help me cope with the situation and my everyday struggles. I thought, hey maybe since I spent friggin’ 100 USD for a planner, I have to jot down or draw stuff everyday in there so the money I spent on that isn’t wasted and I won’t end up super guilty buying it, lol.

Obviously most entries are very personal and private so I can’t post them here but entries with fanart and some drawings like the one above will be posted.

(The words I wrote above that drawing was ‘High Libido” lol cuz I noticed I had a very high sexual drive that day. )

So far, I’ve enjoyed writing and drawing on it. I’ve already put aside my money for the hobonichi 2022 planner. I’m so excited for their lineup this September >v<.

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