I didn’t have that much time to draw as much as I’d hoped to due to some family stuff today. ORZ.

I was able to do some studies/practice with drawing Kaiba and Jou for future projects, specifically for FUOH (A Mirror! Puppyshipping side story). I have to draw their hair well. ^^

It’s been a while since I used colourful markers, lol. (The colours on Jou’s hair are quite dull. oops.)

The most important thing is that I have a good grasp on their hair now.

I hope. heh. ^^;;>

hobo doodles

I’m an idiot for putting so many washes on this paper, lol. You can see the red ink (the 2021 thing) bleeding through the page because I treated this as a thick watercolour paper for some strange reason.

It still managed to hold well, though. That red ink was the only one that bled through the page. The rest didn’t so that’s a plus.

Yep, I can’t wait for September 1 so I can buy 2022’s hobo planner, lol.

Not going to lie, it curbed my chaotic and messy mentality and mannerisms. I was able to write personal thoughts out and draw daily this year (which I thought was impossible for me) so I had to stash and save up for a 2022 version. ^^

The price makes you motivated to not waste your money and draw or write something each day, lol. I could not bear to miss one page . But it’s reasonable considering its like 365 + pages of tomoe river paper and a nifty planner and sketchbook all in one. (It won’t be able to handle alcohol based materials so no copics/promarkers and sharpies if you don’t want it to bleedthrough!)


a redraw from 2017
I’m so in love with fem! malik x fem! ryou angstshipping! they’re so cute together, aren’t they?<3333
The thinness of a 52 GSM TOMOE RIVER PAPER!

yyup. Hobotecho’s got themselves a loyal customer, heh. ^^;;

storyboard/thumbnail and dumb reflections

Some storyboard of a future comic strip featuring my OTP. <333 (I miss drawing them so much!)

I censored the screen and speech balloons to avoid spoilers lol but it’s obviously a gag comic. I’ve been opting for a B6 Midori notebook, I find that the smaller notebook, the better and easier the flow of thoughts especially when it comes to thumbnailing for future comics/doujins.

When I was looking through my old works, specifically from 2009 up to 2019, I realised how chaotic and messy I was when it came to drawing. I only started having “fixed” sketchbooks when my laptop broke down in 2017. And by fixed I mean, drawing on a sketchbook consistently and less sloppy when it came to the sketch positions and placement in a page.

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attempt at oil pastel-ing

Talk about not keeping up with my upload schedule, pfft.

But I was down with a terrible cold the other day and very painful period cramps yesterday. I took some Advil but as usual, it still hurt throughout the day so I did a lie in. ORZ (I really hate those excruciating monthly cramps, it feels like I’m dying every time.)

Anyway, while I was resting, I thought of practicing on oil pastels. ^^;; I don’t know much about it (the techniques, styles) seeing as I’ve never used them but they seem interesting and it’s nice to experiment with different tools.

Tools used:

  • Midori MD Cotton F2 Sketchbook
  • Sakura Cray-Pas Expressionist Oil Pastels

It’s very rough haha but they were quite relaxing to do. Animals especially are fun to draw even though I’m not as proficient with drawing them compared to humans. ^__^

2012 vs 2021

‘Was scrolling through my very very old art where I literally had zero anatomical knowledge and imitated moe anime stuff.

I thought I could do some redraws of my old OCs that were created in 2010 but drawn in 2012…

.hmmm..I could see why I was attracted to deathshipping design wise, haha.


this is a random sketch but I need to familiarise myself with the planes of the face.

love the 50s and 60s style. So far, my favourite fashion and aesthetics mostly belong to that time period. ^^


I’ve had to re-sketch an upcoming commission art because the initial one looked terribly off and deformed, ORZ. This is the final sketch on this WIP shot and hopefully I can finish it by the end of this weekend or up until next week.


I realised that I haven’t posted and drawn as many personal art these past few months due to very hectic rl stuff earlier this year which is quite frustrating. My output has decreased quite significantly compared to last year so I thought of doing daily weekday doodles starting this week.

My goal is to draw anything, be it fanart or original art, a messy sketch/doodle, painting, comic or just a WIP/thumbnail and upload it here on WP, tumblr and twitter from Mondays to Fridays. ^_^

….hopefully I meet that goal, gah. I have to. ORZ

Anyway, here’s Citronshipping gag strip. 😀

Below is the thumbnail/storyboard of the comic. 😀

Link and Moosh from Zelda


Sorry for the idleness ORZ. I’ve been dealing with some bad anxiety attacks for the past few days but I think I’m getting better. At least a little.^^;;

Anyway, I’ve been practicing with watercolours again using Link and Moosh from Zelda Oracle of Seasons which is Rin’s favourite game. I have a difficult time with blending and mixing, lol so I need to practice more.

Tools used:

  • Holbein Saunders Waterford White Watercolour Paper ( F2 )
  • Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolours
  • Faber Castell Polychromos coloured pencils
  • Miya Gouache – White
  • Sakura Gelly Roll – White

I forgot Moosh’s blush haha. oops.