diary doodles (12/08 & 13/08)

hobonichi watercolour doodles from yesterday and today ^_^

Correction: *Tu eres puerco = You are a pig. (ENG)

I’ve been really enjoying KoTH (King of the Hill) gahhhh. Why..why did I just know about this show this year? //sobs//

I mean I’ve seen some commercials of it but I was really young and I overlooked the series because I used to be such a weeb back then always preferring Japanese animations and KoTH was in this tv channel that was filled with American adult animations and YA drama, lol. (Which aren’t my cup of tea, especially with American YA dramas since they’re often too edgy for my liking.)

It is only this year I started to familiarise myself more with the series after this youtube video was suggested to me and I eventually watched many of its episodes. (I’m currently on Season 6.)

I friggin’ love it. <333333

Unlike a majority of “American Adult animations,” it actually has good and consistent character development and its humour is subtle and dry. They aren’t gratuitous with sex, drugs, alcohol, cuss words which is something I admire from them. It doesn’t try so hard to be “for mature adults” , it just has some subtext and situations that is more understood and experienced by adults.

I was expecting it to be as loud and raunchy as Family Guy seeing as how it takes place in Texas and Texas is like, the most stereotypically American state I know of, lol (and Americans from where I come from are stereotyped as loud and gun-toting patriots) but after watching a few episodes of it, I observed that it has the flow and pacing of a slice of life Japanese animation akin to hmm…like Maruko-chan but for adults…and in Texas, USA.

The characters are surprisingly relatable. I’m not an American but Hank is like my dad, haha. (well, actually my dad is more like Cotton and Kahn mashed together but he also has values he shares with Hank.)

Watching it makes me want to visit Texas because KoTH makes it look like such an interesting and fun state to be in, haha.

(Though I’m also hesitant to go there because they have uhhh…very lax gun regulations and I don’t wanna get shot, ORZ. I know it sounds irrational but this makes me super paranoid. Sorry.)

Anywho, traditional watercolouring is fun even though I’m fairly new to it. 😀

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