attempt at oil pastel-ing

Talk about not keeping up with my upload schedule, pfft.

But I was down with a terrible cold the other day and very painful period cramps yesterday. I took some Advil but as usual, it still hurt throughout the day so I did a lie in. ORZ (I really hate those excruciating monthly cramps, it feels like I’m dying every time.)

Anyway, while I was resting, I thought of practicing on oil pastels. ^^;; I don’t know much about it (the techniques, styles) seeing as I’ve never used them but they seem interesting and it’s nice to experiment with different tools.

Tools used:

  • Midori MD Cotton F2 Sketchbook
  • Sakura Cray-Pas Expressionist Oil Pastels

It’s very rough haha but they were quite relaxing to do. Animals especially are fun to draw even though I’m not as proficient with drawing them compared to humans. ^__^

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