I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and this morning so I lost my drawing momentum this week. 😦

I had a bad headache and fatigue yesterday. It was that kind of fatigue where I couldn’t even open my eyes even if I wanted to, ORZ. (very heavy eyes) And this morning, I woke up with my left side hurting quite a bit. It wasn’t unbearable but the pain lasted up until lunchtime.

Aw man, with all the recent body pains I’ve been experiencing since a few weeks ago, I hope it isn’t some serious disease, gah. I still have three more commissions to finish.

Perhaps, I pushed my body too far lately. It reminded me of dad. My mum constantly berates my dad who is a gym rat to stop overexerting himself with cycling and boxing because he’s 60. “You’re not 20 anymore!” she’d scold him while dad ignores her.

I wonder, if that was because dad literally still feels twenty years old? Because I feel the same way too.

I still feel 16 years old even though I’m twenty plus years old. I mean, obviously, I’m not immature (well now hopefully lol), I try to better myself. Like, back then I used to involve myself in dramas and act like an edgy twat but now I just ignore stuff that doesn’t concern me and try to be kinder and more polite.

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