I spent a few days reading on some anatomy and values and learned a few things specifically on muscles.

I remember having had to memorise all kinds of muscles and organs back at Uni but they weren’t human muscles, it was more on animal muscles which bored the heck out of me, lol. To add fuel to the fire, we also had to memorise the OIA (Origin, Insertion, Action) of each and every superficial and deep muscles. It was such a pain in the arse to study for that I ended up forgetting almost everything right after the exams were done, haha.

Ahh…the pitfalls of rote learning.

Thankfully, some animals share almost the same structure as humans so it was easier to refresh my memory with the muscle names such as deltoids, biceps brachii, rectus abdominis, etc. The same thing goes with the bones, tendons and joints. It’s such a shame I started getting more fond of anatomy only this year. Perhaps not having an impending academic “fill in the blanks” exam about it helps, lol.

But yes, I’ve spent the weekend memorising the muscles of the neck, frontal torso, back torso, legs and arms. I’m still not proficient with the arm and leg muscles so that’s a goal I need to finish by the end of this weekend. ^^


I’ll be resuming with drawing and posting this week. I apologise for being rather inactive for the past two weeks ORZ. I wanted to spend some time improving my skills so I could make better art and comics in the future and that would need a lil’ time off for sef-studying.

The problem is I have so many ideas I want to draw, but I’m so overwhelmed that I don’t know where to start, gah. Should I start with x comic or y comic, or maybe Z illustration?


Ah well. I’ll think about it tomorrow.

Goodnight. ❤

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