Encountered this song in spotify, and ended up basking in my 2000s nostalgia with “emo” songs and bands.

To be fair, you didn’t have to be considered emo to actually appreciate how awesome their songs are. They were very popular where I’m from regardless of identity and subculture imo, lol. I wasn’t even emo and I still loved FOB, MCR, etc.

As I can recall, the problematic elements of emo culture was glorification of self-harm and suicidal ideation but at least they had their own subculture and a very distinct fashion style. The latter which I remember fondly now for some reason.

It’s probably nostalgia since I grew up in the 2000s and I look at the past with rose tinted glasses and the problems in that era like more bigotry, tends to blur quite a bit because of distance.

I still miss LiveJournal, long-form blogging, forums and html websites, though haha. The internet is so much more corporate and curated now compared to before, unfortunately.


give it a few more years and the internet will be having a 2000s emo punk nostalgia that will replace the 80s and 90s one, lol.

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