Lately, I’ve been enjoying writing down random thoughts and reflections here. It feels like I’ve finally gotten back to serving this wordpress blog’s original purpose, heh. I fell out of the habit of writing down musings a year or two ago due to anxiety but I thought I could write more of my stuff here because it’s not like many people browse this blog and read it anyway so I don’t have anything to lose.

I do apologise if I haven’t posted this week on any of my social media. I overestimated myself, thinking I could whip out a comic in two days but apparently, it took me more than just two days. I’m still in the midst of finishing it, I just need to add the speech balloons and do some level adjustments. And I pray to myself that I can post some art this week.


I’ve been thinking of the hustle culture. Like, everyone I know from family, friends, peers, etc. seem to have such big ambitions and dreams like getting a PhD, a Master’s degree, going into medical school, law school, engineering school, etc, and here I am feeling lost, not knowing what I should do in life and what defining life career I want, haha.

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