I haven’t been as active as I wanted to this week because I was currently struggling with my mental health and a toxic mindset I talked about from my previous post entitled “perfect”

At least I posted one mirror pup comic strip. I’ve always wanted to draw that digitally haha.

I’m still struggling from that perfectionist mindset but thinking about it, if I focus too much on my flaws, and nitpick on the technicalities of the artwork, I’ll never get anything done. And it shows. I haven’t posted as many comic strips as I wanted. I have SO MANY ideas I want to draw and yet my output has been super low this year.

( there is the planner diary thing , but it’s mostly very personal doodles and writings. And I actually forgot to draw and write on recent pages ORZ.)

Thankfully , I managed to get the ball rolling today. 🙂

It’s slow but I’m gaining back my drawing momentum. I filled out the blank pages on my journal with heavily personal rants (lol) and scribbles and painted on them today. It’s not much, but it is something and I hopewill draw more for the following days. I’m sick and tired of being bogged down by my shitty complex.

In other news, I’ve been listening/watching to Shredded Sports Science on youtube while painting. I’ve been enjoying his scientific explanations in regards to muscle building, ore workouts, etc. He also tends to debunk and expose fraudulent fitness products through science which is interesting and needed imho.

I’m quite shocked at how deceitful the fitness industry can be especially with selling overpriced crappy supplements and fitness programs. For example, guys that are obviously on juice/steroids deceiving their impressionable fanbase that x product or x fitness program is what made them ripped easily, pfft. Basically, it’s the fitness equivalent of “influencer/celeb who had Botox and fillers yet tells their fanbase it’s their 126363 step skincare routine of overpriced skincare products that made them look young and wrinkle free,” lol.

Anyway, it’s late, gah. I should go to bed.

Goodnight. ❤️

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