watercolor practice 2

This was actually made before the coffee painting. (2-3 days ago?) I forgot the basic principle of waiting for the paint to dry before applying another layer hence the sloppy colouring of the bellies, lol.

I wasn’t in the mood to draw or paint anything today. I felt very depressed; I hated myself for not being able to draw even a goddamn stroke, I had self-harming thoughts and palpitations, I was crying over such petty topics and suddenly getting angry at just about everything.

Then I realised that it’s PMS week, ORZ. (the 6th day according to the flo app)


I observe that my PMS symptoms have been getting worse as I get older. I wasn’t this chaotic a few years ago. :/


I don’t have any acne breakouts surprisingly, though. I usually get super oily and have some spots on my jawline at the beginning of PMS week as physical indicators that my period is near.

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