03.11.2021 journal entry

Gods, I friggin shipped this Blood + couple so much since I was little, haha.

(And yeah, my young arse watched this kind of anime because my parents were so busy with work they didn’t exactly monitor what I watched…unfortunately. :/)

I should re-do this into a cleaner digital artwork /comic since i messed up the painting here ORZ.

If you haven’t watched the series but want to, I suggest not scrolling down further because of spoilers.

I introduced this series to Rin a few weeks ago because she was asking me for vampire-y anime series and she brought up that old blood plus fanart I made and asked me if it was a good anime series to binge. I told her it was decent. But I did warn her the last time I watched it was, almost fifteen years ago and I was quite young so obviously, my impression of it would be different compared to adult me.

Thankfully, she liked it. She kept talking about her thoughts and her reactions to every episode. It was a very nice feeling to share something, an underrated series I grew up with and loved to a friend. And we both ship kai and Irene, haha. So that’s another OTP bonding. :’D

All that blood plus and kairene talk must’ve gotten into my subconscious that I ended up dreaming about them last week. (Or was it Two weeks ago?)

Anyway, I had a dream I was in the blood plus universe and I was in the midst of Irene getting blood from saya (that blood which would kill Irene in canon, in such a brutal way, mind. )

thankfully, my dream self blocked and slapped saya’s hand which was filled with her blood away from a thorn-inflicted Irene and told her that it’s not her blood that’s the cure to the thorn, it’s diva’s. And then some stuff happened with the Schiff and saya teaming up and battling diva. After diva was defeated with everyone ganging up on her, they all live happily ever after with the Schiff getting the cure to the thorn and living great lives. BUT most importantly, kai and Irene having their deserved happy ending, holding hands and being romantic.

Then I woke up.

I felt so energised to draw kairene and blood plus fanart after that.

That dream basically helped me get out of a crappy art rut that I’ve been dealing with for a month or two and get inspired to draw more casually again. I started re-watching some blood plus episodes especially episode 27 aka best episode of the series because of kairene, lol.

(fuck canon haha )

I never thought I’d be drawing more blood plus fanart, though . I feel so nostalgic when I think about it because it’s been 15 years since it aired and at that time, my young self would often trace over blood plus pictures from magazines and google images. I never posted those tracings online ofc but I never thought I’d be able to be skilled enough to draw them so I resorted to tracing. It was a temporary phase ofc. I stopped tracing after a year.

I know blood plus is more or less a dead fandom, being quite an old underrated anime series (can’t believe that it aired 15 years ago gah. .)

but it would be nice to make more fanart of my otp and other ships (like karman and Moses, Riku and mui ) from the series. There’s just so much to expand since they’re very compelling characters and creatures. ^^

Anywho, that’s enough fangirling for me. It’s so late at night gah and my head hurts so I’ll go to sleep now.


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