Self-conscious with art skills


I’m still in the midst of de-rusting and warming up with drawing. I’m currently working on another remaining commission, an NSFW one with a choice of fem! Malik x tkb (pocket citron) or fem ! Ryou x yami marik. (Pocket deathship)

It’s so difficult to choose, haha.

I still am currently deciding which ship I should do. Part of me wants pocket deathship because I’ve been drawing a ton of citronshipping this year and deathship needs more love from me since it’s been my OTP for six straight years but at the same time, citronshipping is admittedly, hotter af compared to deathship which is more on the fluffy, cute side. _(:3 」∠)_

Ahh such a trivial problem to choose which ship I should make an nsfw drawing on, lol.


Today, as I was drawing other stuff aside from the commission, I found myself falling into this shit habit of mine of making simple doodles into detailed illustrations. Instead of leaving the drawing with its simplistic elements, I get carried away with making more details and rendering as if I’m doing a full blown illustration.

It’s not exactly a bad habit to most people when they hear it at first but it is a bad habit of mine that I developed this year. I said this before in a previous blog post but this habit stems from my self consciousness with my art skills.

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