I thought of drawing some naruto since I’ve been craving for Ramen.

Damn..When was the last time I drew any naruto fanart? five, six years ago?;/

here’s a simple gif of it.

Maaaaan, I still can’t believe it’s been seven years since it ended. I remember when Naruto was like a meme of manga series that will never end and…it ended 7 years ago.

Honestly, despite its flaws and terrible writing of female characters, I will always love and treasure the series since it helped me so much when I was struggling throughout school and life in general.

I remember every friday (or thursday? lol I cant remember which day exactly) after school, I’d go surf the net and check on the latest chapter of Naruto and talk about it with my friends the next day and we’d fangirl over the akatsuki and or rant about the latest character death, lol.

Good memories~

I haven’t caught up with Boruto and I don’t plan to, haha. Sorry. I’d rather stick with the original, much like other series I love.

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