Sorry for the recent inactivity. 😦

I know this will be quite sudden but I’ll be away for a few weeks. (not sure how long tbh) ORZ

A close relative of mine’s terribly unwell, and in critical condition (ICU). I can’t focus on so many things especially on art with this crisis, so I’ll be away for a few weeks. I’ll continue with the art for those who’ve commissioned me, but other than that, I won’t be posting much.

I really wish I didn’t have to post this but I have to prioritise real life problems for the meantime. It’s been a very stressful weekend for me, to the point I made my blogs private for a little while today because I wanted to completely withdraw myself online but I thought it was a very hasty and impulsive act to do that without any explanation so I eventually publicised my blogs a few hours ago.


I apologise sincerely. Being so overwhelmed with stress and anxiety makes me act very irrational.

Thank you for the understanding.

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