2021 Art Summary


Long time no see. ^^/

Relative is still in critical condition after a month so…I don’t know what is gonna happen to them. Hopefully they can recover but…


I’ll have to accept whatever will come, good or bad. As much as I wanna sulk all the time, I can’t just stop drawing for more than a month or months. I’m still not in a decent mood of course, I feel depressed about their condition and I truly hope they get well soon but life goes on and I need to resume with drawing and other important things.

It doesn’t help Omicron cases have drastically increased here and the hospital he’s in might be crowded with covid patients. ORZ

Anyway, I thought of making an Art Summary for 2021 and…..

…A majority are commissions. :”D

I’m very grateful though for those who commissioned me for being so patient (tysm <3) , as it’s my first time doing commissions. I’ve learned from my mistakes/blunders with commissioning, took note of them and hopefully, I can be more efficient with the next series of commission works.

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Another update :(


I thought it was about time I posted an update to my previous post.

Unfortunately, I think I’ll need longer away from making art. My relative’s condition has worsened; their condition is critical right now, and we don’t even know if they’ll survive. I’ve been so overwhelmed by the stress and grief, I can barely draw at all.

I will still finish my commissions, but beyond those I might need more time off to mourn.

Thanks for understanding.

decluttering my CSP

Relative is still at the ICU unfortunately. (´-﹏-`;)

Anyway, sulking aside, I spent a day, three days decluttering (and rearranging) the assets/tools I downloaded from Clip Studio. ^^;

I never considered myself a hoarder until I saw how many brushes/assets were in a big hodgepodge in the tool section, lol.

I’m a….digital brush hoarder it seems. I see a very appealing brush in CSP assets and immediately download it thinking, “I’ll be using this in a future artwork so I better download this new pretty brush from an amazing artist.”

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bleh update


I’m still not in the right state of mind to be active atm unfortunately. I just wanted to give a short update and ramble about the latest stuff I’ve been going through since last week. ^^;

So, the most difficult part of my relative’s severe illness (has some kind of ARDS) is that it’s very unpredictable like a roller coaster. One day, they would improve significantly, and then the next, their stats would decrease so badly. And it’s been going like that for the past week.

Up, down, down, up, down. each and every day,

Like, JFC make up your goddamn mind, lungs!

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