decluttering my CSP

Relative is still at the ICU unfortunately. (´-﹏-`;)

Anyway, sulking aside, I spent a day, three days decluttering (and rearranging) the assets/tools I downloaded from Clip Studio. ^^;

I never considered myself a hoarder until I saw how many brushes/assets were in a big hodgepodge in the tool section, lol.

I’m a….digital brush hoarder it seems. I see a very appealing brush in CSP assets and immediately download it thinking, “I’ll be using this in a future artwork so I better download this new pretty brush from an amazing artist.”

Clearly, I didn’t get to use many of them at all and I just ended up using the default CSP brushes for a majority of my works.

And what’s worse is that I was very disorganised with arranging my tools so it was difficult to use a specific brush when they were in a huge mishmash. Some pencils would be in the pen section, watercolour tools would be in the pencil section, etc. So you can imagine the overwhelming feeling and intimidation I felt when I opened the program and see a big mess of brushes/assets.

What kind of style do I do? What brush should I use? There’s too many, gahhh. What to do?

I honestly don’t know what was going on with me when I was putting those brushes there. I never thought of categorising or arranging them which was dumb of me, lol.

Ah well. At least, I’ve managed to delete the unecessary brushes and finished arranging them today. Hopefully, I have an easier time with experimenting with everything in its right place. ( ᐛ )و

So with doodling/drawing…

Because of RL problems, I haven’t been active for the past two weeks, sadly. But I’m trying to get my drawing momentum back slowly. I’m still very anxious about my relative but I also have to do something that helps me stay sane which…is drawing.(well, drawing is one of them.)

It’s hard to get motivated to draw while that is happening but I also want to draw things that help me cope with the situation like with my OTPs. So, I’m getting back into drawing, slowly again and probably post more comics and illustrations along the way. ୧༼✿ ͡◕ д ◕͡ ༽୨

I think I’ll be posting this update on Tumblr and twitter tomorrow since it’s late now and I feel so tired.


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