2021 Art Summary


Long time no see. ^^/

Relative is still in critical condition after a month so…I don’t know what is gonna happen to them. Hopefully they can recover but…


I’ll have to accept whatever will come, good or bad. As much as I wanna sulk all the time, I can’t just stop drawing for more than a month or months. I’m still not in a decent mood of course, I feel depressed about their condition and I truly hope they get well soon but life goes on and I need to resume with drawing and other important things.

It doesn’t help Omicron cases have drastically increased here and the hospital he’s in might be crowded with covid patients. ORZ

Anyway, I thought of making an Art Summary for 2021 and…..

…A majority are commissions. :”D

I’m very grateful though for those who commissioned me for being so patient (tysm <3) , as it’s my first time doing commissions. I’ve learned from my mistakes/blunders with commissioning, took note of them and hopefully, I can be more efficient with the next series of commission works.

2021 hasn’t been a very fair year to me irl (until now), I’ve had a bad series of mental health and family problems and they’ve greatly affected my work ethic and productivity. Like, even for the entire December, it was very difficult for me to focus and sleep. I didn’t even eat much for weeks because of the loss of appetite. I only started drawing a few days ago and slowly getting back my momentum. So I am very appreciative for them for bearing with me throughout these. ^^

LOL I got carried away with talking about my struggles again. I’m supposed to be talking about my art.

Anywho, the commissions helped me improve my skills in rendering and illustration making. I experimented with a stronger palette in most of those commission illust a more saturated and bright one compared to my old soft, style.

Now, I want to go back with a soft, painterly kind of colouring again and improve on those.

The saddest part about my art activity this year was that I had very low output when it came to personal doodles and that I haven’t posted any chapter of the AUU. I was aiming to finish chapter 7 but I was busy with some commissions and rl stuff.

But I’ll really do my best to finish them for 2022. 🙇

Aaaand, here’s a wip.

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