New Year


I just came back after the funeral at my hometown, and boyyy I’m so wiped out from the grief and constant road trips back and forth.^^;

Pantone chose “very peri” as the colour of 2022 and I could say that was the most apt colour because of a huge loss in our family last weekend and generally, periwinkle or colours in the blue-purple-reds spectrum remind me of gloom and utter melancholy. (which is my mood for the entirety of the year lol)


here’s some art.

I posted this, unpolished and unfinished in some areas because I’m currently not in a good mental state to do polished works so I apologise if there are some errors and messy stuff.

I rarely post artworks that are dedicated for special holidays because I’m often occupied with other art projects and rl tasks but I managed to make one for this year, ironically since I was greeted with such an unfortunate event during the new year.

I don’t think I’ll be happy and celebratory this year due to a very significant loss (I’ll be busy dealing with grief) but I hope you guys enjoy 2022. Here’s to a wonderful new year for you all~ ^_^🥂

I’ll probably make another post to ramble about my New Year’s Resolutions and future projects. (Maybe I’ll write about them tomorrow?)

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