I’m still alive, lol.

I’m finally out of my ten day isolation, thank god. ╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯

Covid kicked my butt for the past 8 days. I started feeling myself on the 9th day, thankfully. I was expecting it to be a mild cold since my symptoms were just sore throat at first (omicron) but it was far from that especially during my first day of complete isolation. The worst flu of my life so far, srsly.

I was actually already quarantining myself at home four days before testing positive, but after receiving my result , that’s when I went to extreme quarantine/isolation. I was unable to leave my room so it doesn’t spread to anyone or to my dogs, ORZ.

….Quite enough to drive me nuts.

It’s definitely mentally torturous being cooped up in the four corners of the small room for ten straight days. I can’t imagine heavily isolating myself for more than that. (πーπ)

Here’s the rundown of my symptoms during the entire ten day isolation period (January 15 -24):

  • Day 1 aka WORST DAY = chills, fever, sore throat, brain fog, heavy fatigue, nasal congestion, bad headache, body aches especially at the lower back, night sweats, nausea
  • Day 2 = No fever, very heavy nasal congestion, fatigue, frequent coughs (dry), sore throat, body aches, very chapped lips
  • Day 3 = Frequent coughs (wet), Insomnia (from the coughs?), Nasal congestion, body aches, headaches,chapped lips
  • Day 4 = frequent coughs(wet), less nasal congestion, fatigue, seldom body aches, very painful throat from the constant coughing
  • Day 5 = Nasal congestion is gone, still have a painful throat, frequent coughs triggered by some itch(?) on the throat, fatigue
  • Day 6 = very light-headed, painful throat still, frequent coughs
  • Day 7 = sore throat, frequent coughs triggerd by the itch(?) in the throat
  • Day 8 = less coughs (wet), a bit of a runny nose, feeling slightly better
  • Day 9 = A few coughs mostly to get rid of phlegm, mostly triggered at night, feeling good
  • Day 10 = 1-2 wet coughs; only to get rid of excess phlegm, feeling healthy and normal

Today marks my 11th day, out of isolation, and I’m feeling good. ٩(^◡^)۶

I just have to get rid of some phlegm sometimes especially if I don’t hydrate as much as I need to. I’m still wearing a double-mask (1 KN95 and 1 surgical mask on top of it) even at home just to be safe. ^^;;

The stuff I took to get rid of those pesky symptoms were antibiotics (azithromycin), nasal spray (Fluticaasone furoate), Carbocisteine pills, paracetamol (for the fever), and effervescent tablets (Berocca: Vit. C + B Vitamins + Zinc + Magnesium +Calcium).

Hydration is very much important. Always drink lots of water and eat even when you have no appetite.

It’s also essential to constantly monitor your temperature using a thermometer ofc and your O2 sat and pulse rate using a pulse oximeter. Some people would get mild symptoms so they would assume everything’s okay but they forget to check their O2 sat (which is super important). I know someone irl who felt fairly normal after they tested positive but when they checked their O2 sat, it was lower than the normal range. So yeah, be very alert with that.

Anyway, I really hope you guys don’t get covid. It’s not as mild as a lot of people label it (on the news). I’m double vaccinated, boosted and fit….and it still hit me like a truck. Of course it might be different to some people but prevention is always better than the cure. ^^b

i know in the us and other countries, almost everyone is getting it and it seems inevitable but even so,try to prevent it as much as you can.


What a great way to start 2022. A family death and getting COVID. I swear to ra I am not looking forward to anything this year, lol.

I’ll just resume with commissions and drawing. (´_ゝ`)

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