lel dumb stuff

I’ve been meaning to revamp my blogs specifically this one but it’s a shame most free themes in wordpress are catered to online businesses/commercial blogs, which is fine ofc, that’s the current market as of the past few years but I was hoping to see more 2000s blogger-type themes that are more suited to my site here. (like fc2, blogspot but more compatible with smartphones).

This blog of mine….isn’t exactly a commercial or a polished blog, lol so whenever I temporarily activate those themes that cater to commercial blogs, it feels and looks so…..professional, haha. They totally don’t fit the theme of this blog which is filled with silly, mindless rants.

I just talk about anything that bothers me and I write mostly at night before bed so sometimes there are redundant stuff and grammatical errors.

Feels like tumblr is the last remaining platform with 2000s blog themes and atmosphere. Obviously it’s not as intimate as livejournal and co. since it’s a micro-blogging platform but compared to twitter and ig, it still has that legit blogging aura where people are still free to have their own themes and do personal blogging/journaling.

Sadly, I keep seeing videos and some threads saying how “tumblr is dead” which I’m not sure if it is? I mean, yeah they did lose a lot of people with their nsfw ban back in 2018 but it doesn’t feel that it’s dead imho.


I don’t know if it’s dead and maybe those people are just assuming things. It’s more chill than it used to be which is good. sighh but really, there are just so many more platforms, like oh tiktok is the new “in” site or this and that and it’s so fucking exhausting tbh.

I just wanna draw all the dumb shit in my head and share it to whoever visits this blog, lol.

But fomo is such a pain in the ass. I struggle so much with the pressure, the need to “catch up” to the next trendy thing even though I know deep down it’s not really what I want. Back then, it was deviantart that was where all the artists show their work, and then tumblr, and then twitter and ig and now it’s tiktok and..geez, how many websites do we need, haha? How many more to come?

All these , they just make me so stressed out. Such a small thing to be stressed about, I know, but yeah, So many seem to be so fast paced. More fast paced and late stage capitalist than ever. Just a few years ago, you could buy apps and programs for a one time payment, now almost everything is subscription-based (f*ck you adobe).

Okay, I got carried away with that.

It’s just so wearisome and distressing to catch up. Like I even question myself sometimes if what I’m doing with my blog is “alright” or are personal blogs dead as what most people say so maybe I should just stop this hobby?

But I feel comfortable here. I like personal blogs. I like talking about random stuff even though I know it’s not “trendy” anymore to be personal blog-ging.

Maybe it’s part of my existenstial crisis to be thinking like that. Or I’m just easily swayed by people’s opinions / peer pressure.

…both probably. ORZ

Anyway, I’m feeling sleepy.

Sorry this sounds like a stupid rant lol but ehhhhh….. these are some late night thoughts and current feelings I have atm.^^;;

I should be posting more on tumblr and twitter, come to think of it.

Gods, so much to plan and execute for this year. I hope I can fulfill them even after all the crappy stuff that happened this month. It’s difficult to recover from grief. T-T

3 thoughts on “lel dumb stuff

  1. No, I feel you on the FOMO thing and multiple apps and the fast paced ones. I JUST recently got TT because I was bored and it really IS fast paced and I found out that people have 100+ drafts saved to post…while I have 7 XD HAHA!! I can’t keep up and will just stick to a smaller audience because it’s too exhausting–I can’t imagine what the artists on there go through having to continuously pump out art before their audience “moves on”. That can cause burnout and isn’t healthy or realistic since people have lives.

    And Tumblr surely isn’t dead–it just revamped. All the toxic people left to other platforms after that CERTAIN ban so that person is probably just assuming. It’s more chill now so it’s quieter so people think it’s dead since there’s no recent scandals or buzz coming from it. I’m apart of a certain fandom that’s been around since 2010 and I called it “dead” now since the hype died down in mid 2021, but someone made a great point about the problematic people and trenders leaving the fandom and going to other fandoms, so that’s why it seemed that way, and I have to admit that they’re right and it’s better for it being smaller and less dramatic as it used to be.

    Also, is it just me or does the early 2000s blog aesthetic seem more visually appealing? Haha.

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    • Haha, I know right?! I have 2 tiktok accounts, one is to reserve my username, milliekou (and in case I post art videos) and the other is for RL videos that I keep private. (mostly for documenting my dogs, haha) NGL, editing them is fun but very time consuming which is why, even in my RL tiktok, I post seldomly. Tiktok videos are short but the process of finalising them is so time consuming. Like, you have to trim the video, set duration of texts, music, stickers, etc unlike just posting an image. It’s such a friggin’ hassle I wonder how many people there post frequently because I can’t seem to do it, lol. So mentally exhausting.

      Yep, I swear, I see so many people in threads and videos going on clickbaity titles with how tumblr is dead. It’s more chill than it used to be but I don’t think it’s dead. Honestly, it’s much better now cuz those loud people that plagued the site left, haha.

      Oh they are, haha. :3 I know wordpress has to adapt with the current trends but it’s been alienating a lot of its old audience who used the platform for personal blogging. You don’t have to throw the baby out of the bathwater. Personal blogging (the 90s/2000s kind) isn’t as big as it used to be but there are people like me who still do it. Sadly, a lot of its free “blog themes” look too polished as if they’re for very professional marketing blogs. ah wells…:/

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