getting rid of old drawings


I forgot to post here two days ago, sorry. ORZ

But I made a short R-18 comic strip and uploaded it to my nsfw blog if you’re interested in seeing it. I will post more stuff there for this year. Don’t wanna turn that site into a ghosttown lol.

It’s one of a series of short comic strips based from old ideas/scripts that I will be doing for the past few weeks to warm up and practice more with different colouring styles and values. (one of my weaknesses). It’ll be citron, pocket citron, deathship, mirror pup, any of those things.


Today, I’ve been occupied with decluttering very old sketchbooks. I threw the trivial ones away, stuff that is too incoherent to understand. I know the idea of throwing very old artworks (or in my case, scribbles during class) is debatable but I’m not privileged enough to have so much storage space in my home, lol.

I ripped out and scanned the decent-looking sketches/artworks and by decent, drawings that look like they have some sense, lol. And yeah you can say, “Oh but you should keep the ones you deem ugly because you might regret it.” but it’s not the ugly part, rather it’s how messy and cluttered the scribbles were.

Some of the drawings I scanned and kept in a hard drive:

(Put a block because I wrote my real signature there, gah.)

Here are examples of the stuff I threw away and didn’t scan:

They don’t make any sense do they? haha.

I had probably hundreds of these kinds of sketches that I didn’t scan and threw out. Something I noticed was how they were all unfinished. It was just drawing one deformed head and leaving it as is and jumping to the next one and then not finishing it. I don’t know what this is a sign of exactly but I feel like my mind back then was so cluttered and going from one thing to the next easily.

Those drawings were also at a time where I was just drawing because I felt like drawing, that feeling of wanting to scribble something out because I just wanted to.


Scanning the decent ones take so much time unfortunately. Took me almost half a day for a few sketchbooks, so friggin’ tedious. But I have many old ones that I need to throw out because they’re gathering so much dust and space. As much as it’s ideal to keep everything for memories, a lot of em are just nonsensical junk.

I want to write more but I’m so tired, gah.

backing up r18 doods


I’m in the midst of a commission and making comics so I apologise again for being idle this week. ORZ

I’m actually quite happy that I am resuming comic projects again. I had a depressive episode two days ago, (existenstial dread) which dampened my mood for a little while but distracting myself with little nice things like comedies and….nsfw comic ideas helped me feel better, lol.

And speaking of NSFW ideas, I also made a back-up R18 blog at blogspot/blogger recently. ^^;;

Yeah you could say I’m a total blog whore for making blogs everywhere (and I am ) but after tumblr purged the nsfw stuff, I have a difficult time trusting only one site especially a social media site to host all my drawings and I always search for other alternatives, online backups and Blogspot is a good choice.

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Sakuragi [ Slam Dunk] studies

Me and Rin have started watching Slam Dunk which is like, the OG Basketball anime/manga series. (Sorry, Kuroko. ;-;)

I actually thought she wouldn’t bother with watching it because… sports (lol),it’s basketball and she’s British. I was assuming Rin preferred football but to my surprise, she told me she doesn’t give a crap about that sport and likes hand held ball sports like Basketball.

I swear she really breaks the British stereotype, lol. She even hates tea, haha….

ahhh…same though. with football.

I’m not a fan of football. In fact, I don’t really know anything about that sport. I only know Messi and Beckham and that’s just because I keep hearing their names from commercials and such (and I only knew David Beckham from Victoria Beckham).

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much my only knowledge about that sport, gah. plsdontkillmefootballfans

I watched some football games to pass the time back then but for some reason I couldnt’t get into it. Basketball seems more fun and exciting to me.


Must be because I can see the players’ delts, hehe. :3C

Anyway, I wanted to practice with drawing Sakuragi, the MC of the series. He’s quite a fun character and a very sensitive one too. <3333

I really have to practice drawing pompadours. ORZ

_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):

I wish I can stop having periods. OTL

Almost three days of bad dysmenorrhea even with all those painkillers I took. I wonder if it’s possible to get a hysterectomy (or any surgery that can get rid of periods in general) at my age.

I mean it’s not like I’m going to have children anyway. I already have my fur babies, lol. (And no I ain’t changing my mind which is why a lot of doctors are quite hesitant with giving those, apparently? …Meh, I’ve already decided to be childfree since I was five years old.)

It’s because my periods have been getting more unbearable as I grow older, couple that with the worsening mood swings before it. T_T

Anyway, sorry if I was inactive for a few days. ^^;;

I’m working on something at the moment, don’t worry . It’s just that stupid fucking period getting in the way and making me debilitated, ( ´_ゝ`)

/yawns/ I want to write more but I’m so sleepy.


Royal Purity [COMIC]

I really need to be quick with drawing. ORZ

Thankfully I’m gaining back my momentum so I hope I become as fast as I was before all that stressful crap happened last year and be more productive and post more art. ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ


This AE comic idea came from an old bbc documentary entitled, “Pedigree Dogs Exposed.” It’s an old documentary from 2008 but I only watched it a few weeks ago and I recommended it to Rin right after. It’s common knowledge by now that mutts are generally healthier than purebred dogs but it was still a very interesting…or rather, appalling and eye-opening documentary.

I always find it weird how cat owners from my experience don’t really give a crap about their cat breeds while dog owners (like me) fuss about breeds, lol. I get certain breeds have some history to it (working dog breeds for herding, etc. ) but the whole pure breed standard stuff emphasis on Pure..kinda’ seems problematic to me especially regarding the flat faced dog breeds (pugs, french and english bulldogs, etc).

Anyway, sorry for getting carried away,

the entire idea of purebred, purity or pure blood made me think of the Ancient Egyptian Royal Family who were…. inbred irl. This comic was mostly to poke fun of it. That, and I despise monarchies. It’s strange how me and Rin were talking about inbred purebred dogs and then it went to poking fun at royalty, lol.


So I have been idle for a week. I apologise for that. ORZ

As always, was occupied with rl stuff. I often end up collapsing in bed right after those,forgetting to wash my face, too ugh. But I’ve been working on more comics lately and dabbling with different hobbies during some spare time. I’m not as fast as before but I’m trying my best to finish projects as soon as possible.

It’s been three months of hell (since December 2021) and my mental state isn’t exactly in a good place. Losing two loved ones in a span of a month and a week has been very overwhelming and traumatic for me.

It sucks that I’ve planned so many personal projects this 2022 only for them to be disrupted because of unexpected tragic events. Sigh, it’s so discouraging when the year didn’t start off as I wanted to last year, but I’ll have to do what I can and adapt to these changes and…I think I can make a good start this March.

It’s not too late to regain my momentum and resume all those projects,


Anyway, here’s a WIP of some comic I’m planning to finish this weekend. 🙂

i need to improve more in drawing.