_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):

I wish I can stop having periods. OTL

Almost three days of bad dysmenorrhea even with all those painkillers I took. I wonder if it’s possible to get a hysterectomy (or any surgery that can get rid of periods in general) at my age.

I mean it’s not like I’m going to have children anyway. I already have my fur babies, lol. (And no I ain’t changing my mind which is why a lot of doctors are quite hesitant with giving those, apparently? …Meh, I’ve already decided to be childfree since I was five years old.)

It’s because my periods have been getting more unbearable as I grow older, couple that with the worsening mood swings before it. T_T

Anyway, sorry if I was inactive for a few days. ^^;;

I’m working on something at the moment, don’t worry . It’s just that stupid fucking period getting in the way and making me debilitated, ( ´_ゝ`)

/yawns/ I want to write more but I’m so sleepy.


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  1. Not sure if this will help at all or if you’ve already tried it, but if you use oral contraceptives (birth control pills) and skip the placebo week at the end and start the next pack immediately your period will stop coming each month until you decide to stop doing that and trigger it again. I’ve done this for about two years now.

    My OBGYN had me do it because I was vomiting, nauseous, and overall just miserable when my time of month came. I’m obviously not a medical professional, so I’d definitely talk to a doctor first, but if you’re looking for a solution that doctors are usually more open to than hysterectomy that may be a good place to start.

    Best wishes and hope you start to feel better soon!

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    • Hello~

      Oh, I actually took birth control pills a few years ago and I got the worst acne breakout ever, haha. I thought it would last for about three months because of stories of people saying they experienced a bad breakout and then BC pills made their face so flawless but unfortunately, i was breaking out continuously from them for a year or more. ORZ. It did help my period (slightly) but I got so depressed from the severe acne that they caused so I had to stop. It was damaging my face and my mental health. ;-;

      I will have myself checked again with my OB and hopefully I can get another alternative for that crappy period symptoms. 🙂

      Thank you very much for your input. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one and there are people like you reaching out. (=´∀`)💕


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