Sakuragi [ Slam Dunk] studies

Me and Rin have started watching Slam Dunk which is like, the OG Basketball anime/manga series. (Sorry, Kuroko. ;-;)

I actually thought she wouldn’t bother with watching it because… sports (lol),it’s basketball and she’s British. I was assuming Rin preferred football but to my surprise, she told me she doesn’t give a crap about that sport and likes hand held ball sports like Basketball.

I swear she really breaks the British stereotype, lol. She even hates tea, haha….

ahhh…same though. with football.

I’m not a fan of football. In fact, I don’t really know anything about that sport. I only know Messi and Beckham and that’s just because I keep hearing their names from commercials and such (and I only knew David Beckham from Victoria Beckham).

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much my only knowledge about that sport, gah. plsdontkillmefootballfans

I watched some football games to pass the time back then but for some reason I couldnt’t get into it. Basketball seems more fun and exciting to me.


Must be because I can see the players’ delts, hehe. :3C

Anyway, I wanted to practice with drawing Sakuragi, the MC of the series. He’s quite a fun character and a very sensitive one too. <3333

I really have to practice drawing pompadours. ORZ

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