backing up r18 doods


I’m in the midst of a commission and making comics so I apologise again for being idle this week. ORZ

I’m actually quite happy that I am resuming comic projects again. I had a depressive episode two days ago, (existenstial dread) which dampened my mood for a little while but distracting myself with little nice things like comedies and….nsfw comic ideas helped me feel better, lol.

And speaking of NSFW ideas, I also made a back-up R18 blog at blogspot/blogger recently. ^^;;

Yeah you could say I’m a total blog whore for making blogs everywhere (and I am ) but after tumblr purged the nsfw stuff, I have a difficult time trusting only one site especially a social media site to host all my drawings and I always search for other alternatives, online backups and Blogspot is a good choice.

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