backing up r18 doods


I’m in the midst of a commission and making comics so I apologise again for being idle this week. ORZ

I’m actually quite happy that I am resuming comic projects again. I had a depressive episode two days ago, (existenstial dread) which dampened my mood for a little while but distracting myself with little nice things like comedies and….nsfw comic ideas helped me feel better, lol.

And speaking of NSFW ideas, I also made a back-up R18 blog at blogspot/blogger recently. ^^;;

Yeah you could say I’m a total blog whore for making blogs everywhere (and I am ) but after tumblr purged the nsfw stuff, I have a difficult time trusting only one site especially a social media site to host all my drawings and I always search for other alternatives, online backups and Blogspot is a good choice.

Initially, I wanted to make it my main R-18 blog but at that time, I was too lazy to have to deal with its…2000s editing/customise settings, haha. And wordpress has a better, slick and more modern interface compared to blogger especially when it comes to browsing through smartphones.

Although, something I do like about Blogger is them allowing any adult content as long as you’re not posting rape, pedophilia and all that illegal, disgusting stuff so hopefully, I’m pretty safe there. (they also have unlimited storage space since 2018?)

That, and it’s also very nostalgic for me, haha. (I’m a sucker for 2000s internet things.)

As much as it’s nice to have a secondary twitter account for my nsfw art, I would rather choose a blog because I don’t like to lock my stuff and I find a blog’s interface more comfortable, intimate compared to twitter’s interface. The latter can be pretty distracting to me so I’d rather reserve my twitter for just my general art. ^^>

It’s unfortunate that the internet generally seems to be against hosting sexual/pornographic illustrations. (unless you host them yourself.)

I kind of get it with like, child p*rn and unregulated illegal stuff but…you could just add a filter. And I’m sure there are other more convenient and easier ways to get rid of those creepy stuff without having to outright ban any media that is sexually explicit.

I find it so hypocritical for American internet platforms most if not all to be so against erotic/sexual art in their community guidelines. It’s not even real naked people in most erotic art, smh They’re all about ” sexually explicit/pornographic images are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. ” which is so bizarre considering how much of their tv shows love to sexualise the hell out of teenagers. (and just adding TONS of gratuitous sex scenes everywhere.) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Welp, I went on a tangent there, pardon. It’s so frustrating. ORZ

friggin puritans.

Anyway, I’m planning on making and posting more nsfw art and comics this year. (I was working on one just an hour ago.) Hence, why I’m talking about r18 blogs now, lol.

it’s getting super late here and I need to sleep, gahh.

I hope I can be on a regular social media upload schedule by next week here, on tumblr, twitter and ko-fi. (i need to revamp those sites, too. )


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