Erotica & Confessions

I was finally able to get a breakthrough on the commission I was working! 😀

I was stuck on the arms for the past few days which left me super frustrated. Like, I knew something was wrong but couldn’t figure it out. ^^;;>

Thankfully, I was able to find what the mistake was and it was very simple all along, ORZ. (not exactly that simple, I had to redo the entire positions of the arms)

I wanted to actually post the WIP shot here this week but I felt like it would be too repetitive. (It’s the same art)

I’d rather post the finished one instead.

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holy week


I’ve been out of town for a few days so I haven’t had time to draw and post. I’m sorry about that. ^^

My family celebrates Holy Week (I don’t) so I had to attend certain affairs at the countryside up until this Sunday (Easter). It’s also been months since I’ve seen my relatives so I wanted to come.

I’m going to resume with art and all those other stuff by Easter. I think I’ll be home by then and in a very comfortable workspace. I find it very difficult to adjust and make art in new environments. I often envy artists who can draw like the usual when they’re on different vacation spots, haha.

Maybe it’s also the lack of privacy especially since I’m staying in the family cabin with my extremely conservative parents who like to snoop around with what I’m doing. And of course just like most people, I prefer being alone when I draw, lol.


No art for this week but I’ll make sure to make and post more illust and comics by next week. 🙂

Hobonichi Painting

I’m an idiot, gah.

I got carried away with painting a number of layers on a 50 gsm paper so it wrinkled. ORZ

Anyway, I’m just filling up all the remaining blank and uncoloured pages on my hobo. Scanning old sketches prompted this motivation for me to stay consistent and improve my skills.

And to dabble more with traditional media esp watercolours.

I’m still a huge amateur when it comes to watercolours but using them is very relaxing. ^^

Hobonichi Doodles : My Old OCs

I wanted to post this last night but I was too exhausted I ended up falling asleep at front of my laptop, ORZ.


Some very old OCs of mine created back in High School that I painted on my hobonichi, lol.

I thought of drawing those and other random stuff to fill the many blank pages of my hobo. Unfortunately, I haven’t written/drawn there regularly compared to last year but I didn’t want to keep the planner blank. The main reason with the hobonichi being expensive, lol. I really can’t afford to waste them.

And it does help. I mentioned in my previous blog post that I struggled with not finishing sketches and being very irregular with my sketchbook. I’d end up getting sick of it and buy a new one and repeat the whole process again.

I was drawing heads everywhere. (many of them faceless) I barely went past the neck. Thinking about it now, it was probably because I didn’t know shit about the anatomy after them such as the upper and lower limbs, torso and pelvis so I couldn’t be bothered.

I lacked any knowledge on how they worked so I was merely stuck on heads, haha.

Gods, they were such a cluttered mess that I don’t feel bad throwing so many of them away. I regret the fact that it took years of this same kind of blunder and why it only took me joining the ygo fandom to take drawing seriously. But at the same time, I know that I’m a better artist now. Not as skilled as I want to be . I’m still learning more and always wanting to improve but I know I’m much better than “Only-drawing-heads Millie.”

Who knew being so guilty of buying an expensive planner and making sure I don’t waste a paper of it curbed those bad habits? lol. I’m saving up for another one for next year. 😀