holy week


I’ve been out of town for a few days so I haven’t had time to draw and post. I’m sorry about that. ^^

My family celebrates Holy Week (I don’t) so I had to attend certain affairs at the countryside up until this Sunday (Easter). It’s also been months since I’ve seen my relatives so I wanted to come.

I’m going to resume with art and all those other stuff by Easter. I think I’ll be home by then and in a very comfortable workspace. I find it very difficult to adjust and make art in new environments. I often envy artists who can draw like the usual when they’re on different vacation spots, haha.

Maybe it’s also the lack of privacy especially since I’m staying in the family cabin with my extremely conservative parents who like to snoop around with what I’m doing. And of course just like most people, I prefer being alone when I draw, lol.


No art for this week but I’ll make sure to make and post more illust and comics by next week. 🙂

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