So…I’ve started watching Japanese dramas again mostly for inspiration and for self-care?

I’m not sure what the right term is but it’s been quite a long time since I’ve watched one. Not super long like it’s been years, lol, the last drama I watched was Nagi’s Long Vacation but that was a month before….those things happened. I know I keep bringing up grief recently and I don’t mean to be a downer, but they really took such a toll on my mental health and energy aka it fucked me up.

Thankfully, I’m starting to enjoy those stuff that I was passionate about like comics, art, dramas, etc. And watching dramas is a good self care / leisure activity for me and also they are good subjects to study especially when it comes to composition, angles, postures, expressions, etc.

The drama I’m currently watching is A House on the Slope [ 坂の途中の家 ] and well, the premise isn’t exactly what I’d call “self-care” or lighthearted material, lol since they focus on the topic of Postpartum disorder which is a very serious problem that affects many mothers and unfortunately, tends to get stigmatised or even overlooked. The drama is decent so far. I’m still on EP 3 of 6 but it does a good job in portraying the different experiences and perspectives of women when it comes to that.

It also made me affirm more on my choice to be childfree. I already have crappy mood swings and intense food cravings during my luteal phase. What more with friggin’ pregnancy and postpartum period?

I also don’t want to pass my mental illnesses to anyone and I want to have more time to myself, gah.

Obviously, motherhood is an immensely challenging role and I certainly am not demeaning mothers or women who want to be mums. I just think that everyone should be aware that parenthood is hard and not for everyone.

Anyway, it’s late at night and I should go to bed. ORZ

I just thought of sharing this and because I want to write and post more here at WP again, lol. Though I really do apologise if the text posts sound inarticulate. I post here at a late time and the drowsiness always gets to me. I should really try to write up early in the day.

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